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This Addon will include:
QuestHelper(Directly complete the side series of tasks, all versions of the task will be placed in it, including 6.0, 7.0 and more) ,,,,,is building
Materia Transmut Helper:Materia Transmutation,quick mode
Once-ClickHelper(Contains all simple questions that can be handled with one click, as long as you are willing to ask, if the question is not too big, it will be added)
Is there any function that I didn't expect for the time being?
One-clickMentorDungeonHelp guide will enable AutoMVP, the more dungeons Mvp produces, the more AutoMentorDungeon supported, and more functions


Tasks in later versions will also be added in it


  • YoRHa Quests“
  • Alexander Quests
  • Omega Quests
  • Eden Quests

Beast Tribe Quests

  • Kojin Quests
  • Namazu Quests
  • Ananta Quests
  • Pixie Quests
  • Dwarf Quests
  • Qitari Quests

Mount Quests

  • Kyubi Quests

Other Quests

  • Death-Air Dungeon Quest
  • Bozjan Quests
  • Hildibrand Quests

Trade System

  • There is some bug will fix later
  • Try to set up items one by one first

  • Name:If no name is entered, the system defaults to the item receiver, if string is entered, the system defaults to the item giver
  • Center/Server/Place:Set Trade info. When doing WorldTravel, please do not move the mouse, because the key will be executed at this time, and the operation will affect the data execution
  • Item1:If handover, the name of the item will be displayed
  • G-NQ:means The amount given to nq
  • G-HQ:means The amount given to hq

Other Info

Report any bugs here

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