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Fractal Master

Install ModeraBase for this addon to work

This addon let's you run fully automated:

  • Aetherblade Fractal (soloable with hacks)
  • Mai Trin (with atleast 2 bots)
  • Urban Battleground (with atleast 2 bots, does work with 1 sturdy aswell)

Pre Purchase Note

  • This addon is a beast when using in a bot party!
  • You need atleast Fractal level 4 to be unlocked to use this addon in the current state.
  • This addon uses teleport hack for Aetherblade and legit way for Mai Trin/Urban Battleground.
  • Mai Trin is not soloable at the moment.
  • Depending on the day you might get on tier 2+ Fractals unfavorable instabilities



  • If using a SkillManager Profile ⇒ leave SkillManager Window OPEN and EXPANDED (for Aetherblade Fractal)
  • Get atleast all exotic gear for your characters
  • Use a tanky class if solo tier 3+
  • For Mai Trin a Healer + Tanky dps setup is ideal (for example: Firebrand (Quickness/Heal)/Renegade(Alacrity/Heal)/Scourges/Dragonhunters)
  • Good solo profiles are:

Improvements and Ideas

  • The addon will improve further and gain more instances (Raids, Fractals, Dungeons)
  • I expect reports to be always with as much information as possible.
  • If you see a possible improvement describe it well, this will make it easier for me to implement it. Thus if you find a good automation process for a Fractal tell me!

You can contact me through or occasionally on Forums.


  • You assume all risk associated with the use of this addon.
  • Finishing Fractals too fast or doing a task too many times is very suspicious and not human like. I expect you to use the break time option and some personal restraint. With that said, I do NOT prevent you from overusing this addon. All risk is on you.
  • Being in an instance doesn't mean you are automatically save.


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