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In order to use this addon you must install frenkey_Base.

Due to abysmal sales to Chinese Users I can no longer justify the extra hundreds of development hours to support the Chinese game client. If you like to use this addon in the chinese client, you can start a crowdfunding on my discord to pay for the development cost.

由于对中国用户的销售惨淡,我再也无法为中国游戏客户提供支持,因为这需要花费额外的数百个开发时间。 如果您想在中国客户端中使用此插件,你可以在我的discord里的启动众筹以支付开发费用


frenkey_Characters is a small and free tool that comes with frenkey_Base and allows you to create your own small bar to switch characters whenever you feel like without the need to go through the Character Selection screen. The UI is highly customizable which allows you to arrange your characters how ever you want to.


Easiest way to quickly setup frenkey_Characters is to go into frenkey_Base, select the Addons tab and scroll to frenkey_Characters. Once found hit the 'Set 'n Play' Button to load a preset of Buttons for your characters! If you want to use another image then the profession icon you can do so by simply placing the desired image in \MINIONAPP\Bots\GW2Minion64\LuaMods\frenkey_Characters\. To show your character previews you will have to simply cut the small images out of a screen shot and place it in the mentioned folder.

You can furthermore switch them around as you like, make them all go into slot 1 so only one shows by default…

… and shows the others when right clicking that one button!

Besides the images you can adjust the Button Sizes, colors, background, transparency and layout of the bar. To edit the bar you will have to hover your mouse on the left or above the bar until you see a grid icon. Holding down CTRL and pressing that grid icon will flip the bar to use either the horizontal or vertical layout.

You can also add hotkeys to your character buttons to switch to your favorite Character when clicking CTRL + ALT + Numpad 1!

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