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In order to use this addon you must install frenkey_Base.


This addon is written in AutoIt and provides a set of features to handle your Guild Wars 2 Clients a lot easier. Every UI element has a small tooltip to explain what it does!

Features Description
Client Control Yes Yes Handling the currently active GW2 Clients. It offers a set of automated and manual features. This is what keeps your clients running! Offers a way to execute a set of actions on all clients!
Window Regions Yes Yes Resizing and moving windows especially when having multiple clients open can be a pain! This feature allows you to create regions and let ClientControl move and resize the windows for you with one easy button click!
Auto Login Yes No One of the most casual 'farms' in GW2 is harvesting alt accounts for their daily login reward! Since starting accounts with minion can take quite some time especially when loading a lot of addons this offers you a much faster way to grab your daily login rewards!
Account Stats Yes Partially Having multiple accounts and monitoring their current amount of gold and other currencies requires often spreadsheets and a lot of manual work to write down the current currencies an account has. This will become now obsolete! See the currencies of all your accounts in realtime in one userfriendly table!
Unlocks Yes Yes Keeping track of what upgrades an account has, which maps it got unlocked for things like frenkey_Gather is just as much of a torture as monitoring their wealth. Unlocks offers a very compact way of keeping track of your accounts progress!

InGame Settings

Setting Explanation
Update Client Control Close Client Control and Update it in case it did not update to the latest version automatically.
Wipe Account Stat Delete the Accounts Stats and Unlocks from Client Control.
Auto Start Client Control Automatically start Client Control when loading GW2Minion.
Include in Account Stats & Unlocks Show and include the account in the Account Stats and Unlocks Tab of Client Control.
Check for Frozen If no ping is detected for a set time by client control, the game will be closed to get restarted from MINIONAPP. This requires to enable Check Frozen in Client Control too!

Client Control

Window Regions

Auto Login


  1. download GW2Launcher from this Git Repository
  2. add your accounts to GW2Launcher
  3. click on Browse for the GW2 Launcher Folder Path browse to the GW2Launcher folder path and confirm
  4. click on Browse for the GW2 Launcher.exe Path browse to the GW2Launcher.exe and confirm

Note: You can change the account names by clicking them while holding down CTRL.

Account Stats

Note: all but the trading post data represents live game data and gets updated while the clients are running with minion attached. The trading post delivery data is fetched from your API.



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