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In order to use this addon you must install frenkey_Base.


This AddOn is a lua based AddOn and provides a new BotMode designed for daily looting and gathering. Combined with frenkey's Toolbox you can earn some serious amounts of gold in low time. Profiles for this BotMode are shared on my discord.

This BotMode is based on teleporting. When you want to use all the features and benefits you will have to use teleports. The locations are completly random to avoid detection. No repeating pattern used.

Due to GW2CN having some other objects in the world as in EU/NA not all profiles fully work. If you want frenkey_CustomtTasks to support more and are willing to help let me know!

Important! You cannot use the old taskprofiles or other taskprofiles in general. If you want to use that mode you will have to create them using the frenkey_CustomTasks Tasktype or get always plenty of profiles from the discord

Estimated Profit

ProfitSome examples for queues created with the queue creator The gold gained by frenkey_CustomTasks depends highly on the amount of characters and Living Story Chapters (LS) you have unlocked on your Account(s). frenkey_CustomTasks runs several profiles to loot several chests and gather nodes. Those are tied to cooldowns from the game itself. The profile cooldowns reflect the cooldown of the game.

There are [A]ccount bound, [C]haracter bound and [N]ode capped profiles.

  • [A] profiles can be run once per account per cooldown period.
  • [C] profiles can be run once per character per cooldown period.
  • [N] profiles can be run until they hit a node cap (roughly 3 times per account) per cooldown period.

a quick comparison:

ONE account with 5 Characters and PoF, HoT, LS3, LS4, LS5 will earn:

  • in 1 hour runtime: ~ 29g == 29 gold per hour
  • in 6 hours runtime: ~ 100g == 16.7 gold per hour
  • in 11.5 hours runtime: ~ 108g == 11.5 gold per hour (this was the max duration for *5* characters due to profile cooldowns when frenkey_CustomTasks was released)

the same account with 24 characters would earn

  • in 1 hour runtime: ~ 32g == 32 gold per hour
  • in 6 hours runtime: ~ 129g == 21 gold per hour
  • in 11.5 hours runtime: ~ 217g == 19 gold per hour (this was the max duration for *5* characters due to profile cooldowns when frenkey_CustomTasks was released)
  • in 24 hours runtime: ~ 317g == 13 gold per hour (because it has a lot more characters then 5 it can run more [C] profiles and can run for much longer)

the same account capped out with characters which is 69 characters would earn again more

  • in 1 hour runtime: ~ 36g == 36 gold per hour
  • in 6 hours runtime: ~ 173g == 29 gold per hour
  • in 11.5 hours runtime: ~ 263g == 22.9 gold per hour (this was the max duration for *5* characters due to profile cooldowns when frenkey_CustomTasks was released)
  • in 24 hours runtime: ~ 465g == 19.38 gold per hour (because it has a lot more characters then 5 it can run more [C] profiles and can run for much longer)

The profit per run can easily be increased with the Candy Corn Gobbler & Volatile Gathering Tools or Gathering tools of Bounty. This applies only for gathering profiles which can be run two to three times. The g/h can easily increased by at least 66%. You will need propper tools, Item Buff and optionally guild boost and guild banner. My frenkey's Toolbox can cover the tools and the Item Buff easily. You can also swap your perma tools through your characters when you have frenkey's Toolbox and 3 shared inventory slots!

I dont know any other method that yields that high g/h with bots.

Avaible TaskProfiles

I've created a total of 34 Taskprofiles to use with frenkey's CustomTasks. It contains LS3, 4 & 5 as well as all PoF Maps.

[Loot] - these profiles are focused on collecting loot from daily chests and caches, including chests for the expensive Music Boxes

[Gather] - these profiles are focused on gathering, especially LS3 & 4 & 5 currencies to get Volatile and Unbound Magic to exchange to gold.

Click to display ⇲

Click to hide ⇱

  1. [Gather][C] Bitterfrost Frontier
  2. [Gather][C] Rich Nodes
  3. [Gather][C] Sirens Landing
  4. [Gather][N] Bloodstone Fen
  5. [Gather][N] Draconis Mons
  6. [Gather][N] Dragonfall
  7. [Gather][N] Ember Bay
  8. [Gather][N] Grothmar Valley
  9. [Gather][N] Jahai Bluffs
  10. [Gather][N] Lake Doric
  11. [Gather][N] Sandswept Isles
  12. [Gather][N] Thunderhead Peaks
  13. [Loot][A] Crystal Oasis
  14. [Loot][A] Desert Highlands
  15. [Loot][A] Domain of Istan
  16. [Loot][A] Domain of Kourna
  17. [Loot][A] Domain of Vabbi
  18. [Loot][A] Elon Riverlands
  19. [Loot][A] Grothmar Valley
  20. [Loot][A] HoT Chests
  21. [Loot][A] Jahai Bluffs
  22. [Loot][A] Sandswept Isles
  23. [Loot][A] The Desolation
  24. [Loot][A] Thunderhead Peaks
  25. [Loot][C] Chest & Nodes
  26. [Loot][C] Draconis Mons
  27. [Loot][C] Ember Bay
  28. [Loot][C] Lake Doric
  29. [Loot][C] Sirens Landing

Account Queue

  • [ Reset Character ] resets the current selected character
  • [ Reset All] resets the all characters
  • [ Load Template] loads the selected template
  • [ Save Template] saves the currently selected profiles as a template
  • [ Copy to all ] copies the selected profiles from the current character to all other characters
  • Characterlist [grid symbol] opens the configuration of the characterlist to disable characters which should not use the queue


  • [ Report & Skip ] skips the current task and creates a report to hand in
  • [ Edit ] opens the edit tab to adjust the current profile


  • [ ] Play Alert on DC plays an alert when disconnected
  • [ ] Relogg on DC enable/disable automatic relogging when disconnected
  • [ ] Auto Start enable/disable automatic start of the last run TaskProfile
  • [ ] Auto Switch Character enable/disable automatic character switch to continue with the account wide queue
  • [ ] Logout when done bot will logout when the hole account queue is done
  • [ ] Teleport enables teleporting, required
  • [ ] Use Scotty Teleport enables Scotty's teleport function instead of the included
  • [10000][-][+] min distance sets the minimum distance before teleporting. This will not be checked if target location is not on the same mesh.
  • [1250][-][+] sync time sets the wait duration after teleporting to let the map load
  • [180][-][+] max task duration sets the maximum duration a task can be run. This is added to prevent stucks and endless fighting.


  • [ ] Safe Death Handling skip on to another task if you die and players are around. the task will be repeated at a later point this should prevent players watching you porting around
  • [ 3000 ][+][-] Distance sets the distance to check for players, this only includes those with line of sight
  • [ ] Skip MOB TYPE [ 1 ][+][-] skips a task when the mob type is X times present and is attacking the bot
  • [ ] Always Fight fights always even when not set in the profile
  • [ ] Avoid Combat never fights even when set in the profile
  • [ ] Skip Events skips events
  • [ 1800 ][+][-] Event Range sets the range to check for events


Important! These Options will only show up if you own frenkey's Toolbox

  • [ ] get Tools when out enable/disable buying gathering tools when you ran out. You will get ported to your selected map and vendor to buy them. When you bought them you return.
  • Map sets the map you want to buy gathering tools, make sure to have a waypoint unlocked.
  • Vendor sets the vendor you want to buy the gathering tools from
  • [~ Frenkey ToolBox ~] opens the toolbox
  • [ ] load default settings when a character is active that has not the toolbox set up yet. this will load the set default settings if you set them already.


  • [ insert name ] Name sets the name of the character which settings should be loaded on the current
  • [ Import ] imports the settings of the chosen character onto the current
  • [ Load Default settings] loads the default settings if they are set
  • [Set Default settings] sets the current characters settings as default settings


  • [ Save ] saves the current Key
  • [ Get API Key ] opens arenanets account site to create a API key
  • Character List shows the names of the characters associated with the set API Key


  • [ ] Disable Tooltips disables the tooltips for the hole UI of frenkey_CustomTasks
  • [ ] Enable Edit draws the CustomTasks Menu in the UI tab to edit tasks


shows the current count and cap of nodes

Task Menu

Task Profiles

These are just basic TaskManager options

  • Task order select if you want to do the tasks linear or in random order
  • Repeat enables/disables looping through the tasks

If you want to edit a task, select it and the Task window will pop up.


These are just basic Task options as usual. The special thing is the following button

  • Configure Interact targets / gatherables edit the targets to interact with or the locations you want to gather

Configure Interact targets / gatherables

  • Default Action select the default Action you want to add when adding a target
  • Default Range set the default range to gather or loot in
  • [ ] Ore enables/disables gathering Ore by default
  • [ ] Wood enables/disables gathering Wood by default
  • [ ] Plants enables/disables gathering Plants by default
  • Add target add the current target / location to the table

Within the table you can configure each task again with the same options as before.

  • Delete deletes the task in that row
  • Fight Aggro Fights Aggro to prevent interrupts and task skips
  • Fight to survive Fights Aggro to prevent deaths

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