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WvW is not officially supported. Can probably work together with the madao wvw addon.

This addon is feature complete. And will probably not be updated again.

Please do exactly what it says in the installation guide.
This addon is more demanding then normal botmodes and will trigger errors faster then Grind ever would.

Follow any commander around the map!

Features: * Automatically selects the nearest commander as follow target * Supports making a party member a “Commander” * Supports making mentors a “Commander” * Optimized for following commanders. Loooot! * Leaves the commander if not enough people are following * Leaves if the commander is not doing anything * Leaves if the commander been off the mesh too long * Uses waypoints * Does Grindmode when no commander is found * Train-, Chesttrain- and Roamingmode * Enable/Disable combat * Enable/Disable gathering * Switches targets fast and prioritizes the commander target→champions * Combat aggressiveness to tweak how often the bot should change targets. * If enabled, logs spike damage and evades if the damage output is high enough * Stacks on commander if asked * Loots extra chests/bonus chests * Uses guild banners

How to use

* Go to a map with a commander * Set your bot mode to “mmoalt_FollowCommander”. * Click the big fat play button



Debug: Show predicted location, current location and next location.
DebugLog: Show various debug output.

There is also a ton of debug information in the “Status” window. * Click “Show status” in “Main menu”


Enable or disable combat

How fast do you want to change targets.
And how many people need to be in combat before the bot starts killing stuff. * Ultra * High * Optimal * Low * Lowest

Higher values are more demanding. Do not use Ultra on classes with slow auto attack!


Enable or disable gathering
GatherRange: Max distance from the commander to do gather task.


FollowType: * Commander - Follows the nearest commander tag. * Party - Follow a partymember * Mentors - Follows the nearest mentor PartyMember: Select the party member to follow.
FollowMode: * Train * Follow the commander and group at an optimal distance for tagging mobs * Chest * Follow the commander much closer. Mob targeting is less then for train mode * Roam * Follows the commander in a large circle. * DynamicRoam (BETA) * Switches between Roam and Train if the bot can see if the commander is doing an event.


Maximum distance from the commander the bot is allowed to go.


Damagelogger: Enable logging of damage dealt to you by mobs. Enables advanced evading.
HideInGroup: When nothing is going on, the bot will select a random target near the commander and move there.
WaypointMode: * Accurate * Uses pathing to find the nearest waypoint. * More demanding * Simple * Uses 2D distance to find the nearest waypoint, might result in you porting to a waypoint far away in path distance. * Less demanding * None * Don't use waypoints (except when dead) NoCommanderMode:
Choose what the bot should do when no commander is around
* Grind * Gather * mmoalt_GatherMode (If you own it)


MaxIdleTime: Set the minimum time (in minutes) before this commander is considered not active.
MinFollowers: Set the minimum number of followers to make this a proper commander.
AllowMentors: Allow following mentors if there are no commanders on the map.
Blacklist current commander: Manually blacklist the current commander.

Enable AoE Loot on interact
Enable Autoloot
Disable Double-Tap to Evade

Disable Combat movement
Enable Deposit items
Set up a sell filter
Buy salvage kits
Set up a salvage filter



You still need a proper mesh for following.
Having a proper mesh is your responsibility.
If you don't want the bot to follow the commander in certain areas, you need to remove that area from a mesh yourself!

Following a human around is always dangerous.

I've added many failsafes in the addon, but due to human nature i can not always guarantee that a human will use bot logic. Therefore I can not take any responsibility for you getting banned for either botting too long or the bot doing unusual stuff.

Support: Forum thread

Public API

FollowCommanderAPI = {}

FollowCommanderAPI.hasTarget = [boolean]
True if currently following, false otherwise.

FollowCommanderAPI.targetID = [nil\number]
Character id of the player you are following.

FollowCommanderAPI.settings = [table]
Current FollowCommander settings

FollowCommanderAPI.dropDownSettings = [table]
Values from the drop down list in the gui.

Reload all settings, set new random seed values and restart the botmode.

FollowCommanderAPI:ChangeSetting(key, value)
Change a FollowCommander setting. Valid keys are in FollowCommanderAPI.settings. Value has to be the same type as the old value.
Settings that have their own function can not be changed with this one.

Should be self explainatory.

Valid types are in FollowCommanderAPI.dropDownSettings.FollowType.

Valid modes are in FollowCommanderAPI.dropDownSettings.FollowMode.

Follow a new person when the FollowType is set to “PartyMember”. Can be id or name.

Valid types are in FollowCommanderAPI.dropDownSettings.CombatAggressiveness.

Valid types are in FollowCommanderAPI.dropDownSettings.WayPointUsage.

Valid types are in FollowCommanderAPI.dropDownSettings.NoCommanderMode.

All functions that affect settings will call FollowCommanderAPI:Reload() automatically.

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