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In order to use this addon you must install frenkey_Base.

This product supports the chinese Client of Guild Wars 2 as much as possible. The addon is limited in features for the chinese Client due to the lack of an API to check current Trading Post Prices.


frenkey_Gather is a new Bot Mode for GW2Minion. It offers highest potential profit possible to the date of release [05.03.2021]. It is easy to use, 100% AFK'able and suitable for beginner, bot and advanced accounts! That said the difference between the account types is huge.

What does it do?

Well like the name already mentions it gathers. But it does not only gather ressource nodes but any open world chests and ressource nodes it is aware of. At the moment of release there is about 40.000 potential spawns across 667 different node types.

A optimized account for frenkey_Gather will cut down downtimes while easily doubling the amount of profit you can expect. To unleash the full potential for this addon you really want to check out frenkey_Inventory to maximize profits while get the manual input effort get close to zero. Like any frenkey Bot Mode the usage of Banners and Ascended Feasts is built in!

For support, question and bugs please join my discord and follow the guidelines. I will not answer direct messages.

Movement Types

This Bot Mode supports * teleporting * conditional teleports * no teleporting

That said it is important to note that the movement of the bot does not only depend on this Bot Mode but 90% of the Navigation System of GW2Minion. This is further more the first Mode ever that tries to reach every single point on a map. This has never done before thus the meshes are not (yet) optimized for it. There will be a shit ton of issues with the meshes for sure. This means if you run without teleporting you want to check on your bots every now and then! While I offer the usage without teleporting, teleporting is the intended way to use it. I can not provide perfect meshes for every map, please feel free to either fix them yourself and share your work with the community or don't complain about getting stuck ocassionally.

Underground Gathering

One of the main features and advantages frenkey_Gather has is the possibility to gather and collect nodes all over the world from underground. This is achieved with a combination of teleporting and hovering. To avoid beeing seen while doing so we are currently restricted to only allow certain races, as the other races are to tall and show their head/shoulds while beeing underground This said currently only the following races are eligible to use the underground gathering, other races will use on ground teleporting. * Human * Sylvari * Asura

Another limitation is the gathering tools skin to avoid showing effects to other Players without seeing a Player Character. If you see this message in the console you messed up and need to reskin the tools.

[error]: [frenkey_Gather]: Dude. Reskin your gathering tools to basic tools please. To Reskin your tools: - Open the Hero Panel (Default Key is H) - Select the wardrobe tab - select the gathering tools - select the basic skin - press transmute

Account Optimization

In Order to get the most value out of this bot mode you want to invest quite some gold/money into an account as it will increase your income by a lot. I can and don't want to give gold per hour estimations as any gold per hour I would write down here could be outdated a few minutes later due to market shifts. It helps to know the very basics of Guild Wars 2, its economy and the do's and don'ts of general gameplay.

Below you will find a priority list of upgrades your account should have to get the most out of this addon.

  1. as many Firebrands as possible (Asura, Sylvari and Humans)

Furthermore the following buffs can help to increase your average profit:

To give a very rough estimation: an account with none of these upgrades earns around 25% compared to a 'maxed out' account (same amount of characters)

User Interface (UI)

After selecting frenkey_Gather in the main menu you can choose the mode you want to use and if you are in the profile mode which profile you want to use. To open the mode selection you simply click on the big button which shows the current mode and select the mode you want. Same goes for Profiles, you click in the Profile Area to open the selection. Inside the selection you can then create either a new profile, search for an existing and select a profile. To edit a profile you click the small edit icon on the top right of the profile section.

Every option has a ingame tooltip which will explain what it is for!


frenkey_Gather includes currently two modes: * Profile Mode * Auto Mode

Profile Mode

The Profile Mode is meant to be used to run only for specific nodes without taking the average profit of the nodes into account. Those Profiles are created by the User himself. Settings inside the Profiles UI are tied to that specific profile. Profiles you have created can be shared with your friends! Sensible data like your character names are not included in the profile you share. So you don't give others your character names accidently. Profiles you create are saved in \MINIONAPP\Bots\GW2Minion64\LuaMods\frenkey_Gather\profiles.

The Prices in the nodes UI shows the average profit made from a node. To get this value all items and materials are checked through the GW2 API to see which node is worth how much.

Every option has a ingame tooltip which will explain what it is for!

Auto Mode

The Auto Profile is the main feature for frenkey_Gather it fetches the current material and item prices from the API to check what is currently the most valuable node to run. It will always try to run as many of the most valueable nodes as possible. Starting the Bot or pressing “Create Now” will create a new profile which tries to maximise the profit per hour. All you need to do is set the settings up and select the * characters * nodes * maps you want to use and then either start the bot or press create now. You can save your configureations as templates by clicking File → Save As. This allows you to have several templates to switch between or share with your friends! Sensible data like your character names are not included in the template you share. So you don't give others your character names accidently.

Templates you create are saved in \MINIONAPP\Bots\GW2Minion64\LuaMods\frenkey_Gather\templates

Every option has a ingame tooltip which will explain what it is for!


Game Client gets unresponsive and freezes while running frenkey_Gather. This happens after a few minutes or few hours.
This is caused by the game function to swap Characters. We have not found out how that is possible but calling the game function to logout [''Player:Logout()''] or entering the game world [''Player:EnterGameWorld(name)''] the game happend to freeze sometimes. It looks to be totally random no pattern to recreate it reliable was found yet. If you happen to do so let me know!
Use the two features in frenkey_Base to start the Client Control and ping it. This will close frozen game clients and cause minion to restart it as long as you have the minion launcher open!

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