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Features compared to normal gather mode:

  • Choose between different combat modes
  • Always keeps track of all gatherables you pass. So you never miss a single one.
  • Automatically blacklists a node if you keep dying while trying to reach it
  • Blacklist a single gather node
  • Blacklist all gatherables of a type

As usual, no teleports will be used.
If a node isn't on the mesh, or if the bot can not find a valid path, it will not be gathered.


Combat mode:

  • Aggro – Attacks every aggro target
  • Losing health – Attacks aggro target when your hp is starting to get low
  • Almost dead – Attacks aggro target if your hp is very low
  • None – Never attack anything (not recommended)

Clear queue when stopping bot:
If enabled, will clear the current gather queue when stopping the bot.

Always use path distance:
Instead of using the 3D distance (air distance), use the path distance (walking distance) instead
More resource intensive, but is more accurate.


Select the resource nodes you want to gather.

Custom task settings

Max Gatherables:
Maximum amount of gatherables to get before ending the task.
(I recommend setting a max duration even if you have this on)

Do Events:
Let the bot do events while gathering.

Combat mode:
Set a custom combat mode or use the default settings.

Custom duration:
Use this field instead of “Max Task Duration” to also make sure that the queue is empty before ending the task.
If you use it, make sure that “Max Task Duration” is set to “0”

How to use

Set the bot mode to “mmoalt_GatherMode”
Start the bot

The mode is also available in custom tasks.


The blacklist is in the list manager.
“MMOMinion” button ⇒ “Lists”
The lists are named “mmoalt_GatherItem” and “mmoalt_GatherType”

Select the gatherable in game.
To blacklist the currently selected gatherable. Click the “Blacklist selected gatherable” button.
To blacklist every gatherable with the same type as the currently selected gatherable. Click the “Blackist selected gatherable type” button.

The single gatherable blacklist uses the position of a node.
The position of nodes can change often.

Public API

mmoalt_GatherModeAPI:GetCurrentGatherable() – Get the current gather target. Includes id, position and other stuff.
mmoalt_GatherModeAPI:DistanceToCurrentNode() – Should be self explainatory.
mmoalt_GatherModeAPI:Reset() – Reset timers and the current gatherable
mmoalt_GatherModeAPI:CheckForGatherable() – True if a gatherable is in queue.
mmoalt_GatherModeAPI:GetTaskName() – Returns the task name.
mmoalt_GatherModeAPI:GetTask() – Returns the gather task if you want to spawn it in a subtask.
mmoalt_GatherModeAPI:EndTask() – Ends the gather task (if you put it in a sub task).

Support: Forum

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