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In order to use this addon you must install frenkey_Base.

This product supports the chinese Client of Guild Wars 2 as much as possible. The addon is limited in features for the chinese Client due to the lack of an API to check current Trading Post Prices.

frenkey_Inventory is a addon all about Inventory and Item Management. It comes with all features currently available for items: * Destroy * Sell * Salvage * Sell on Trading Post * Open * Use * Deposit

Special about it is the multi account/machine support. Which allows to synchronize the settings between multiple accounts and PCs.


After installing the addon you will see this bar which is the toggle bar; it allows every feature of the addon to be toggled.

From left to right we have: * Global: turns on/off the entire addon. If turned off the addon won’t do anything. * Deposit: toggle deposit of all materials. * Destroy: toggle item destruction. * Salvage: toggle item salvaging. * TPsell: toggle trading post selling. * Sell: toggle item selling (to vendor). * Open: toggle item opening. * Consume: toggle item consuming. * Buy: toggle item buying.

More information regarding the toggle bar and its settings can be found here.

To easily find items in the itemlist you can use the search field. Simply type the item name or item ID and if the item is available it will show up. You can additionally enable/disable specific item types to keep the data amount you have to work with low.

To browse through items you don’t currently have in your inventory and with no action assigned to yet, check the all items checkbox. You will now see all items the bot has ever gathered data for. This requires you to have the item once as the addon will gather data for items you have in your inventory.

Settings for items are tied to each character individually. This means you can have different actions for different characters. To apply the settings to all characters press Run Action → Set all characters (copies all item actions from the item list) or sync all characters (sets all item actions and ignored items to all characters)

Items you ignore will never be used in any action of the addon. To do so you can hold your modifier (default: Ctrl) and click the item icon or right click the item icon and select Ignore. To remove items from the ignore list you can select the Ignore list and do the same here again to remove it.

Item Actions

To assign a specific action, select the desired item and select the action in the drop down box. If any advanced settings are available for that action you can adjust them too.

If you want to keep a specific amount of items on your character just set the keep amount, so the bot keeps it while using/selling/destroying the overflow. For some actions it might be necessary to have a specific amount of items in order to use them. Such as Silky Sand from Silverwastes or similar. Set the threshold for those to the required amount and the keep amount just one below (e.g. Silky Sand: keep 9 , threshold 10).

Destroy Item

Click to display ⇲

Click to hide ⇱

Open Item

Click to display ⇲

Click to hide ⇱

Salvage Item

Click to display ⇲

Click to hide ⇱

Sell Item

Click to display ⇲

Click to hide ⇱

Sell Item to Trading Post

Click to display ⇲

Click to hide ⇱

  There are 4 different methods of selling an item available, as follows:
  * Fixed price: sells the item always on the selected price
  * Percent: sells the item for x % of the current listing price
  * Instant sell: sells the item for the highest order price
  * Relative: sells the item for +/- the entered amount based on the current listing price

Consume Item

Click to display ⇲

Click to hide ⇱

Default Actions

To not set an action for each individual item e.g. to salvage all white, blue and green equipment pieces you can use Default Actions.

Enter a name in the headline Select the item types the filter should apply to Select the rarities the filter should apply to Select the desired action Press save

In the bottom right you will see all the filters applied to the currently selected character. Those again are tied to each character. To set the filter on every character, simply press Sync Chars.


A core feature of this addon is the ability to synchronize settings across several accounts. Simply set the Sync Folder Path to a folder every machine/account has access to. Select Include Account on Sync and the characters you want to sync on account commands on the left.

Tip: If you lose track of which ‘No name’ account is which before you name them, hover over them - you will see a long string of numbers and letters. To find out which account is which you can either paste this command in the console d(GetAccountID()) or browse to C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\GW2Minion64\LuaMods\frenkey_Base\settings you will find similar numbers. Click on the one that matches and click ‘settings’. At the top you will see your API for that account plus a character list. You can now identify that account and name accordingly.

Now you can sync the item list across accounts:

as well as the default actions:


Toggle Bar Settings

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