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Due to abysmal sales to Chinese Users I can no longer justify the extra hundreds of development hours to support the Chinese game client. If you like to use this addon in the chinese client, you can start a crowdfunding on my discord to pay for the development cost.

由于对中国用户的销售惨淡,我再也无法为中国游戏客户提供支持,因为这需要花费额外的数百个开发时间。 如果您想在中国客户端中使用此插件,你可以在我的discord里的启动众筹以支付开发费用


This AddOn is a helper for the annual event “Super Adventure Box” (SAB). Not much to say about it. It provides a huge list of objectives for SAB. For support and questions visit my discord discord.


* Boss combat assist * Click to Teleport anywhere! * clickable Taco Markers to port to them * Compatible with Tribulation, Normal and Infatile Mode!

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