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In order to use this addon you must install frenkey_Base.


This addon will allow you to create a schedule to start specific bot modes on specific characters. It is pretty straight forward. The Time used is your OS time!

Features Description
Scheduler Yes Yes Creating a schedule of certain botmodes which will automatically start!


How does it work ?

While Scheduler is running (big button top left is red) Scheduler will check for available tasks (green frame around the task = currently active, yellow frame around the task = available but not active).

  • no task is available
    • Scheduler will logout and sit in your character selection to not stand somewhere AFK. It will login every 6 hours to prevent Disconnects (this will be adjustable in near future!)
  • an active task is available
    • if you are not in PvP and not in a Fractal the setup for the task will start
    • the selected bot mode will get set to be active
    • if a specific character is selected scheduler will swap to that character if that character exists
    • if a specific map is selected scheduler will try to move to that map
    • if the bot mode, character and map matches the task settings, the setup is completed and Scheduler will start the bot mode
    • It will now wait for the next task to become active

How To Use It ?

  1. Enter a Start Time (OS Time)
  2. Enter a Stop Time (OS Time)
  3. Optional: Enter a Task Name
  4. Select a character if it has to start on a specific character, else select any
  5. Select the bot mode you want to run
  6. Select a map if it has to start on a specific map, else select none
  7. Optional: Add a description
  8. Save your changes
    1. File » Save/Save As
  9. Press the big green start button in the top left

You want to delete a task?

  • Hit the Delete Button behind it

You want to duplicate a task?

  • Hit the Duplicate Button behind the Delete Button


Will Scheduler restart the bot if the bot gets turned off?
No. There are plenty of reasons why the bot gets turned off. After an initial setup the bot won't get started again. If you would reload thus resetting the cache of the addon it would setup the task and start the bot mode again.
What do I have to select to start the PvP/WvW addon from Madao?
Simply select MadaoWvW or MadaoPvp depending on what you want to run. Scheduler knows how to set MadaoDefault up to run either PvP or WvW.

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