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In order to use this addon you must install frenkey_Base.


This addon helps you to progress your bot accounts with very little time to invest! If getting all unlock packs it will:

Accounts with higher mastery levels appear to players less likely to be a bot, thus it should result in fewer reports!

Features Description
Stories Yes No Complete required story quests to access the map of the story episode!
Maps Yes Yes Unlock a waypoint on each map!
Masteries Yes Yes Unlock 129 Masteries! This uses teleport hacks
Hero Points Yes Yes Complete 111 Skill Challenges to earn 390 Hero Points! This uses teleport hacks
Ranger Pets Yes No Collect all ranger pets! (excluding those from GW1) This uses teleport hacks

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings only apply to movement during:

  • swapping maps
  • playing the personal story

This is because Unlocker uses underground teleporting to complete masteries and hero points to avoid having any aggro and dying.



Hero Points

Ranger Pets

How does it work ?

While running Unlocker will check for the next objective/task to complete in the following order:

  1. active story matches leads to a locked map » complete the story
  2. are there ranger pets on the map we have not yet collected? » collect pets
  3. are there mastery or hero points on the map we have not yet collected? » collect mastery/hero point
  4. do we have maps to unlock? » move to the next map to unlock
  5. do we have pets to unlock? » move to the pets map
  6. do we have mastery or hero points to unlock? » move to the points map

How To Use It ?

Running a Story

  1. go to your hero panel and start the story step for the map you want to unlock
  2. press start

Running open World

  1. select the content you want to unlock (CTRL + Left Click the pack header)
  2. press start


Why is there no Trial?
There is currently no trial for this addon as even a 6 hour trial would complete so much that it could easily be 'abused'. I will add a built in Trial to frenkey_Base **//__soon__//**.
Unlocker does not accept my story rewards!
Make sure to setup the claim loot regions in frenkey_Base for AutoIt.
When running Unlocker I get pop ups for GW2Minion_Extend.exe. Is this intended?
Since we lack some functions for the game I had to create some AutoIt features to help me out. You will have to make sure it is whitelisted and can be run by minion. More infos on the frenkey_Base wiki!
Can I use Unlocker fully AFK?
This is a tricky question. It really depends on what you are running right now. If you let it unlock maps through story steps its a clear no as the story instances can get stuck due to bugs on ArenaNets end and you will have to manually swap the active story yourself as there is no (convenient) way of automating that.
Unlocker does not read my mail to progress the story!
Check your keybinds in frenkey_Base and make sure your "Mail Dialog" keys are matching the game keybinds and the game keybinds are set too.


Domain of Istan

Sandswept Isles

Domain of Kourna

Jahai Bluffs

Thunderhead Peaks


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