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In order to use this addon you must install frenkey_Base.


This is the Unlock Pack of Heart of Thorns for frenkey_Unlocker. In order to use this package you will need frenkey_Unlocker in the first place.

Features Description
Heart of Thorns Story Mission Yes No Complete the first story mission to access Verdant Brink!
Heart of Thorns Maps Yes Yes Unlock a waypoint on each Heart of Thorns and LS3 map!
LS3 Story Yes Yes Complete the first story missions to access all Living Story Season 3 Maps!
Heart of Thorns Ranger Pets Yes No Collect all ranger pets across the jungle!
Maguuma Mastery Points Yes No Collect all commune mastery points across the jungle and Living Story 3!
Heart of Thorns Hero Points Yes Yes Collect all commune hero points across the jungle!

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