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In order to use this addon you must install frenkey_Base.


This is the Unlock Pack of Path of Fire for frenkey_Unlocker. In order to use this package you will need frenkey_Unlocker in the first place.

Features Description
Path of Fire Story Mission Yes No Complete the first story mission to access Crystal Oasis!
Path of Fire Maps Yes Yes Unlock a waypoint on each Path of Fire, LS4 and IBS map!
LS4 Story Yes Yes Complete the first story missions to access all Living Story Season 4 Maps!
Path of Fire Ranger Pets Yes No Collect all ranger pets across the desert!
Desert & Tundra Mastery Points Yes No Collect all commune mastery points across the desert, Living Story 4 and Ice Brood Saga maps!
Path of Fire Hero Points Yes Yes Collect all commune hero points across the desert!

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