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This now supports all Clients and Languages + Inside houses with loads on new tools and features!!!
This Addon will automatically Plant, Water, Fertilize, Harvest and Remove crops fully automating gardening after each patch is setup.

How to use:

Make sure you record a mesh for you housing ward/inside you house. Full guide below.

Adding A Garden Patch

NOTE. Adding Patches is much easier now...
1. Hit the "Add Garden Patch" button on the main addon window (Button is found under the "Patches" list.
2. Walk up to the patch you would like to add. 
NOTE. Patches will get a RED box around them while the one you're selecting (Closest one to you) will have a GREEN box.
3. Enter a Name for the patch (Unique and not blank).
4. Set you Teleport Loation 
NOTE. You can test these locations under the Transport > Teleport list in the main window to ensure the correct one.
NOTE. This needs to be set PER CHARACTER as each one is different. (This is done VIA editing the patch, guide will be below)
5. If Patch is a FLOWERPOT set the Travel data so it know how to enter the house.
NOTE. These locations are made in Transports > Travel Points > Add Travel Point. (Guide Below) 
6. Set other reaming settings to your preference. 
7. Select Soil,Seed and if required for flowerpots if you'd like to colour and what colour.
8. Press the Save Patch button!!

Editing A Garden Patch

1. Hit the Edit button (Pencil Icon) on the main addon window (Button is found under the "Patches" list for the Patch you would like to edit.
2. That's it now you can change anything you like! 
3. Don't forget to press that Save Patch button!!

Updating A Garden Patch POS/ID's

NOTE. This is for manual updating, or changing the POS of the patch. ID's should be automatically updated now!
NOTE. As you may have known from previous version... Almost every game update SE changes the ID's in housing wards.
NOTE. This required editing of the ID's This is a tool you can use to easily update the POS and ID's in gmae updates OR if you move your gardens.
NOTE. The OLD Garden location will be show with a BLUE box while the One to update with will be GREEN.
1. Hit the Update button (Refresh icon) on the patch you want to update.
2. Move to the path you would like to update with.
3. Hit the Update ID's OR Update POS depends what you would like to do.

Adding An AFK Location

NOTE. AFK locations will only be used if you're outside in a housing ward and are set per map and division.
NOTE. This list is saved per settings file of the bot.
NOTE. (Works great with retainers addon if you put it near a bell outside, inside AFK will work for retainers automatically)
1. Move to the position you'd like to AFK at.
2. Press the Set AFK POS button
3. Enable if wanted.

Viewing Patch Details

NOTE. You can use this to look at ant details and times of the Patch.
1. Click the button that contains the Patch name in the patch list.
2. Click the Bed button for the Bed you'd like to see the info about.
3. Well that's it...

Adding A Travel Point

1. Click the "Add Travel Point" button found under Transports > Travel Points in the main window.
2. Enter a UNIQUE name.
3. Target the House Entry.
4. Hit the "Set Target Data" button.
5. Target the House Exit.
6. Hit the "Set Target Data" button.
7. You should now have data for both the Entry AND Exit with no "Invalid Data" message.
8. Click "Save Transport"

Adding A Travel Point

Checking Teleport Points

1. Teleports are found under Transports > Teleports in the main window.
2. Click the button for the one you'd like to test. (Usually only need to do this if you have multiple Private/Shared houses in the same area)

Vendor Locations

NOTE. As of the rewrite all this info is automatically applied and just has a simple "But Fertilizer" toggle.

Add/Edit Patch Options

NOTE. General Guide for what each option does.
1. Teleport - (MUST be set so the addon knows where to go.)
2. Travel - (MUST be set if using a Flowerpot Inside so the addon know where the correct door is.)
3. Water - (Allows the addon to water this Patch)
4. Water Time - (How often to water, In Hours.)
5. Fertilize - (Allow the addon to Fertilize this Patch)
6. Fertilize Time - (How often to Fertilize, In Hours.)
7. Harvest - (Allow the addon to Harvest this Patch)
8. Plant - (Allow the addon to Plant this Patch)
9. Replant First Seed - (This is for use with Crossbreeding. Will Plant all the seeds then remove and replant the first one for optimal crossbreeding.)
10. Filter Soil/Seeds - (Only show the items you have in your inventory.)
11. Soil List - (What Soil to use while planting in X Bed.)
12. Seed List - (What Seed to use while planting in X Bed.)
13. Seed Search (Magnifying Glass icon) - (Opens a Search tool to easily find a certain seed to ally to SELECTED or ALL Beds.)

Soil Search Tool

NOTE. This Search supports all languages.
1. Click the Search tool in the Add/Edit Patch tool.
2. Type the Item Name. (In your current Client Language)
3. Apply to Selected Patch OR ALL Patches.

Adding Other Characters Teleports

NOTE. This Needs to be done on each character that you would like to add into an existing patch. (So the teleport to the correct location)
1. Simply edit the patch you would like to add a location to.
NOTE. Hit the Edit button (Pencil Icon) on the main addon window (Button is found under the "Patches" list for the Patch you would like to edit.
2. Select the correct Teleport on the drop list to match the current character.
3. Hit Save. You've now added new teleport data for that specific character!


Preview (Outdated Currently)

Adding A Garden Patch (Outdated Currently)

Recording Navmesh

It's easier to pickup you garden beds and record the mesh as normal if possible.
If not then record part of the area by reducing the range and move the garden beds and record the normal floor where they were.
Then continue to mesh as much of your area as you like. If you want to auto buy fishmeal from vendor make sure to mesh a path to it.

Recording Navmesh (Lazy way)

This method is easier but will ignore all outside items. Make sure to clear a path if you don't want to have run at the item until it breaches through.


For support or anything related to this addon please post in the forum >

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