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Gathering Nofifications

This Addon will allow you to get in game notification sent straight to you FFXIV chat!

How to use:

Once you've installed this Addon you will see a window called “Gathering Notifications”

From here you select what chat mode you'd like, sound effect and what nodes you want to be notified of. The default chat mode is echo which is the best option as only you can see echo and sound effects work in echo. Please note that you should be careful about where you use this. Once you're done with those settings you can then use the three current categories to select which nodes to get notifications of. These are categorized under 3 types. Heavensward, Ephemeral and ARR (A Realm Reborn - pre 3.0) Once all your items are selected you can toggle them withing the 3 buttons under settings and hit enable.


For support or anything related to this addon please post in the forum >

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