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Jorith Radar (GW2Minion)

Support thread

“Jorith Radar” is a Lua addon for GW2Minion providing perfect situationel awerness.
- No more lag or jitter, minimal system impact!
- This wiki still needs more information. I am working on extending it.
- This tool is not yet finished. The current functions are to be expanded and totally new functions will be added as well.


  • Active: Turn ESP on/off.


  • Active: Turn Minimap on/off.


  • Cursorguide: Turn on/off and select the color.
  • Tactical compass: Turn on/off and select the color.
  • Range indicator: Turn on/off and select the color.

Bugs and Questions

If you encounter any bugs/crashes you can contact me.
Please make sure to describe the problem you have in detail.
Any emails that consist of something like “it not work” will be ignored/ridiculed.

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