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Kitanoi's Party Follow

Requires KitanoiFuncs - Free on the store

Requires Argus


This is an addon designed around multiboxing and requires multiple characters to make use of.

A 48 hour trial is included, please use it before purchasing. My Discord is linked below where you can report any issues you have.

Make sure you have Argus, as without it you cannot use this addon.

Ensure you have KitanoiFuncs installed and fully updated.

New UI & Options

How To Use

1 - Follow Leader / Follow Named Player

  • Follow Leader - Follows the current party leader
  • Follow Named Player - Can be any one in or out of party

2 - Follow Name

  • Needed when using Follow Named Player

3 - Follow Distance

Suggested Distances

  • Open World: 20
  • In Dungeon: 5

4 - Follow Method

Free Follow

Follows to a random point around the leader / named player within the follow distance.

This mode allows the use of avoidance provided a mesh is present. The characters will do combat and avoidance individually only returning to follow when not in combat and not having a target.

Exact Follow

This mode you will follow the leader / named player to within 1 distance. This is useful in some dungeons - do not use in open world. Avoidance is NOT used in this mode.

No Mesh Mode

This mode is automaticall enabled when no mesh is present. This will look similar to how Exact Follow works but works without a mesh. The characters will do combat, but you need to move into melee range and manually avoid aoes on the leader, and the followers will follow you around.

5 - Fate Sync

This enables FATE Sync option in KitanoiFuncs. It can be enabled either here, or in the Settings page. Remember to disable once you finish if you don't want it to always run.

6 - Auto Join Duty

This enables Auto Join Duty option in KitanoiFuncs. It can be enabled either here, or in the Settings page. Remember to disable once you finish if you don't want it to always run.

7 - Auto Accept Raise

This enables Auto Accept Raise option in KitanoiFuncs. It can be enabled either here, or in the Settings page. Remember to disable once you finish if you don't want it to always run.

8 - Auto Leave Dungeons

This allows follower accounts to automatically use Exits once a party leader has left. This will not use the Duty Menu to exit, so you must be near the Exit for it to work.

9 - Auto Accept Teleport

Auto accept teleports. This works in CN, EN, and JP. Other languages can be added - please let me know on Discord.

10 - Looting

Select whether you want your party members to roll Need/Greed or to Pass.

11 - Copy Sprint

Will use sprint when the leader / named player uses sprint

12 - Small UI

Enabled will show this UI all the time.

Note: This UI will always show if you have follow mode enabled

13 - Avoidance

Enabling this allows for avoidance to be used. It uses my avoidance system that uses Argus to detect where the AOEs are.

There are possibilites that there are dungeons where huge amounts of AOEs are happening and your game may lock up. If it does, use Exact Follow mode instead to pass the troublesome area.

14 - Multi Person Mounting

Follower will attempt to ride pillion if this option is enabled, if you are not using a multi person mount on the leader, disable this option.

15 - Advanced Follow

Ensure party leader has this enabled if you wish to use it.

This only works when all accounts are on the same computer. Disable if you are following someone on another computer.

This allows for extra information to be accessible between the characters such as flying status and up-to-date positions - it is used to help with determining whether to land the followers or to stay in the air.

When enabled, this is always running - disable if you notice any issues.

16 - Companion

Choose whether to call your companion and which stance they should use

17 - Avoidance Anywhere

This is separate to the Party Follow Addon, but is unlocked by purchasing / using the trial.

This option is always off, unless enabled. This is to mitigate the chances of this trying to take control over movement while using other people's addons. It will NOT work with anyone else's addons. The purpose of this is so that you can use my avoidance in dungeons when you run yourself. It will not work everywhere, and most new bosses it will not work at and may even lock up the game.

Do not ask me to support specific mechanics, it will not happen.

How it works:

1: Outside of duties - Uses the normal avoidance option even though both are enabled.

2: Inside of duties - Use the Avoidance Anywhere option, normal avoidance option is automatically disabled.


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