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   1) Buy addon through the store tab in Minionapp.
   2) Refresh or restart minionapp and the buy button will turn into an install button when payment is processed.
   3) If you are already in game, click reload lua after install.
   4) Profit


How to use?

   Select the (Latty) 1-50 [ARR] profile from the dropdown in quest mode.

What is included with purchase?

   Story and some side quests are completed with this by default.  You can do only story or side quests
   by using the dropdown in profile options.
   Side quests involving gathering / crafting / leves / dailies are not supported.

How many quests?

   807 in total.
   349 story quests.

Main Features:

  Complete story progression from 2.0 to 2.55.
  Side quests!!
  Unlocks hardmode dungeons.
  Your choice of which GC you want to join.
  Does chocobo and companion quest.
  Bot will stop and move to an inn before each duty unless you have the grind option checked in quest options.  

Additional Features:

  Huntlogs will be done as you are questing.  Profile does not control these.

Chocobo quest:

  You need 200 gc seals and have the required story quests completed for this quest to become available.  You can either 
  let the bot run it's course and get the mount eventually or farm them yourself after joining a grand company.  Manual
  intervention is required for buying the item and naming your chocobo.

What about Grand Companies?

  Select the GC you want to join in the quest options window and it'll automatically pick the proper
  quest when the time comes and continue on it's way.  If you don't select one, than a window will appear telling you
  what to do next.


  Duties will need to be done manually.  When there are no quests or huntlogs left to do before a duty,
  the bot will move to an inn and stop.  You may also select the Grind? option in quest options and it'll
  grind instead of moving to an inn.


  After completing the companion quest at level 30+, you'll have to set the companion setting to QUEST in advanced settings > companion tab
  in order to use it while questing.

Class Quests:

  Doesn't do any.  This is strictly for story and side quests.
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