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   1) Buy addon through the store tab in Minionapp.
   2) Refresh or restart minionapp and the buy button will turn into an install button when payment is processed.
   3) If you are already in game, click reload lua after install.
   4) Profit


How to use?

   BEFORE THE DAWN story quest must be completed before using this. (patch 2.55)
   Select Quest mode, load the (Latty) 50-60 [Heavensward] profile and press start.  

What is included with purchase?

   Story and some side quests are both completed with this.
   You can do just the story or side quests by using the dropdown in profile options.
   Side quests involving gathering / crafting / leves / dailies are not supported.

How many quests?

   426 in total.
   129 story quests.

Main Features:

  Complete story progression in the Heavensward expansion.
  Side quests.

Additional Features:

   Stuff planned but not ready yet.


  Duties will need to be done manually.  


 You may use it while questing. Select the quest option in the companion tab of general settings.

Class Quests:

  Doesn't do any.  This is strictly for story and side quests.

Does it pick up Aether Currents?

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