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   1) Buy addon through the store tab in Minionapp.
   2) Refresh or restart minionapp and the buy button will turn into an install button when payment is processed.
   3) If you are already in game, click reload lua after install.


How to use?

   Select Quest mode, load the (Latty) 70-80 [Shadowbringers] profile and press start.


   A Requiem for Heroes quest completed. 
   30 FPS or higher is recommended.  Do not limit frame rate while in background.
   Make sure your confirm setting in ff keybinds is set to default NUM 0 or snipe won't fire.
   Disable rendering and minimizing the game causes parts of quests requiring you to /say something to spam instead of completing.  Don't do it.
   Make sure to abandon non Shadowbringers quests before running this or you'll risk reaching the cap.

What is included with purchase?

   Story and some side quests are both completed with this.
   You can do just the story or side quests by using the dropdown in profile options.
   Side quests involving gathering / crafting / leves / dailies are not supported.

Main Features:

  Story progression in the Shadowbringers expansion.
  Most side quests.


  Duties will need to be done manually.  

Solo Duties:

  Manually at release.  Will try to add them shortly after.

Role / Class Quests:

  These are not done with this profile.

Does it pick up Aether Currents?

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