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Hey there,

Welcome to the Legion!

This add-on is composed of 13 different profiles that will cover ANY thing you would need to do with a warrior.

Currently included are:

  • Spellbreaker (WvW)
  • Spellbreaker (PvP)
  • Spellbreaker (PvE)
  • Berserker (WvW)
  • Berserker (PvP)
  • Berserker (PvE)
  • Berserker (Power Banner)
  • Berserker (Condition PvE)
  • Berserker (Condition Banner)
  • Core PvP & WvW
  • Core PvE
  • Core Banner

I know you guys, like myself, are strapped for time- you bought the bot to BOT for you, not to play it in assist mode because you are afraid of casting backwards and looking like, well, a bot!

That is why I have put dozens of hours into testing and compiling the most effective skill manager profiles for the Core, Berserker, and Spellbreaker specializations. Together these profiles will let you AFK Player vs Player, World vs World , Map completion, and simple Grind and Gathering without worries. You can play in assist mode if you choose of course, and this will only enhance the capabilities of the bot.

There are numerous builds and styles of plays within the profiles, and they will even allow you to confidently fractal and meet basic raid DPS requirements without worrying, and by only moving your character to the next fight then watching it's performance!

With the profiles you will receive access to a text file with descriptions and GW2Skills links to all the profiles, skills, equipment, and when best to use them or substitute skills. You can find that info in the Discord channel “Legion Build Descriptions” so make sure to join(info below)!

Here are some pictures of the bots capabilities:

These were achieved(along with many more similar matches) with the Legion Spellbreaker PvP profile!

These were achieved with the Legion Berserker PvP Profile!

These photos were all taken in Silver 3 or Gold 1-2.Keep in mind there are a variety of factors that lead to AFK PvP performance, ranging from individual fights to team compositions; so every game will be different. For this reason these pictures are not shown as a guarantee of performance, but rather a showcase of potential results and the profiles capability with optimal situations and a team of non-potatoes :)

The settings for best performance in Minion Settings:

The settings for best performance in Assist Mode:

This one you can alternate between Closest and Lowest Health with minimal difference, based on preference!

The settings for best performance in AFK MadaoPvP are:

The settings for best performance in AFK MadaoWvW are:


Please look through these if you have any problems, as these are the most common issues.

1) “My bot isn't casting any skills!”

This can be a couple things. First, check your Skill Manager's drop down menu to ensure you have the right profile selected. Second, use the README from the discord to make sure you have the right skills. Third, make sure you have the weapons equipped in the right slot; go to your Hero menu in game, in the equipment tab, and look at your weapons and where they are equipped. In the README, the top slot(marked I in game) is referred to as slot 1, and the bottom slot( marked II in game) is referred to as slot 2. Ensure that you have your weapons equipped in the correct spot otherwise it is likely the weapon skills will not cast!

2) “Where do I find the skill profiles? They are not in the SkillManagerProfiles folder!”

You will not see the profiles in the folder itself. They will automatically load into the game when you enter as a Warrior. This is to prevent the copying/manipulation of the profiles.

3) “Where can I find the README?”/ “What's the best build/equipment/profile for PvP, WvW, PvE?”

You can find the README in the discord channel This will also cover any questions or inquiries you may have about the builds, setups, and my recommendations for their usage.

4) “None of my skill manager profiles are working(even ones outside of Legion!) and my console has errors!”

Currently, there is a known issue with an (unnamed) add-on that seems to cause quite a few errors with the Skill Manager. Try removing any non-core add-ons from your Bots>GuildWars2> LuaMods folder. After that, add them back in one at a time while restarting your Minion client in between; this will help you track down where the issue is coming from.


You may join the Support & Community Discord channel at for any questions or inquiries. You can also find all of the build info here! When you purchase the add-on make sure to message me on the forums or PM me a screenshot of the purchase in the “Orders” tab on Discord( Mr Magic #4748 ) and I will make you a member. Once you become a member here you will have access to any user-created profiles, upcoming projects, updates, and the ability to request uncreated warrior profiles.

Thank you for joining the Legion, and helping make botting AFK again!

Disclaimer: Legion or myself are not responsible for any bans or bugs received while using the profiles; there are a number of external issues that may be at cause and as such by using Legion you agree to waive Legion profiles' responsibility for client-side issues.

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