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Leveling Assistant is a simple addon that will keep the selected jobs within a specified range of each other.

What it will do

  • Switch jobs based on preselected options (IF you have appropriate weapons)
  • Equip current jobs soul crystal if you have it and it is not yet equipped

What it will NOT do

  • It will NOT unlock the classes for you
  • It will NOT quest or grind or run fates by itself
  • It will NOT buy gear for you

Support and suggestion thread

So what exactly does this thing do?

As you level, LevelAssistant will analyze your options as well as the levels on all the jobs you have selected
and determine if you need to switch jobs based on the “Max Level Between”. If it sees that you have the soul
crystal for your current job, but do not have it equipped, it will equip it for you.

Sounds interesting. But why do I need it?

Well technically you don't. But consider this.

You are running Sebb's full quest profile on a new conjurer, and you want to unlock WHM.
As long as you select arcanist in the LevelAssistant settings, the addon will automatically
switch you over once the profile unlocks it and you have met the “max level between classes”
amount. Once conjurer hits 30, and arcanist hits 15 (which has so far required no interaction on your part)
the profile will unlock white mage. LevelAssistant will see that you have the White Mage soul crystal
and equip it for you, allowing for the quests to continue rolling for WHM.

So how do I use this thing?

  - Set the desired "max" level between classes
  - Select which classes you want to level
  - Ensure that you have at least one usable weapon for each class you have selected
  - Load a quest profile that supports all of the classes you selected
  - Enable the addon
  - Start the bot
  - Kick back and chill as your jobs level

For anyone that owns Sebbs Full Class Quests Pack

A new profile has been added. (Cross Class Leveling) It includes the story and side quests 1 - 15 for all towns and has special level restrictions specificly for this addon. In short if you current class is level 20 it wont start level 10 quests, it will save those quests for an alt class. Full Class Pack 1 - 50 Is included in the profile and will unlock Selected Alt classes once you complete the main story line to level 15. Please understand that you will still need to meet the main story line requirements prior to unlocking the jobs you select. This thing is cool but it ain't magic :)


This currently only supports quest mode and currently only supports DoW/DoM. Due to the robustness of the questing system and profiles in minion I see no need to support grind mode for this addon. If there is an overwhelming request to support grind I will consider putting it in.


This addon WILL cause you to switch classes. Based on the quest profile you are running, this could cause very dangerous runs through high level zones on low level jobs, or could result in the use of a lot of gil for teleports.

If you have autoequip enabled, and the profile purchases items, your armory chest will fill up fast. Keep this in mind, if you don't keep it clean it will cause issues trying to switch classes.

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