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I DO NOT SUPPORT ANY OF UNTESTED passively working ADDON jorith tool and tps were ok


  • Scheduling,MapFarming,MapMarking,WP,Poi(partial unlocker)
  • Please Install MadaoDataPack
  • IF ADDON IS NOT WORKING. Please clear all non-defualt skill mgr profile and all not-me addon and test run again please.(clear means remove them from addon folder,temporary for testing)



  • Gathering and Scheduling. Map Swapping profile is autogenerated from this addon.
  • Waypoint Unlocker / Poi (Only on mesh and nearby your bot) Unlocker
  • Leveling is valid from lvl 10-15. (You better get tome of knowlege from pvp/wvw to be level 10-15. Faster with this way.)
  • Daily Based Schedule manager. Map Move Marker.
  • Event Handler(long distance).
  • New Black List System. (You can black list non-static event/target from their name.)

Main Menu

  • Please Set Madao Default task (belong to MadaoDataPack)
  • Push[5] → Push Green Button for starting map task. You can use this for leveling (Need to have level 15ish to make it smooth. Please use tome of knowledge until then.)
  1. Pause Bot : You can pause bot without resetting ongoing values.
  2. BETA mode On/Off : Can activate some Other Addon Beta.(If Exists)
  3. Current Bot Status
  4. Scheduler : Run as scheduler mode. Your Settings is Must.
  5. Gather/Grind/Event : auto swap map / gather / do event
  6. OTHER ADDON : They are not included for MadaoBase
  7. Open Map Setting UI
  8. Open Event Setting UI
  9. Open Utility UI : Black list related with gather/combat. and some other settings for gather/combat.
  10. Open Marker/Schedule UI : Marker is only valid when it get called from scheduler.
  11. Event do On /Off in map handler.

Scheduler UI

  • You can make combined Daily Schedule all across my addon series
  1. Push to activate
  2. SAVE BUTTON : Push this button for save.
  3. Swap Timer Set Up Number Assign : You can create multi patterns and save and change.
  4. Schedule Type
  5. Assigned Start Time : Assigned schedule only activate once a day.
  6. Activation Range : Activating Triggered Range . Assigned schedule acitaved within < StartTime — StartTime + Range > . And schedule only active once a day.
  7. Task length (Minute Base) : Schedule Base Length. If PvP its gonna be match number base.
  8. Random Range
  9. Marker Set (Map Change Move To Only) : Pick up marker from recorded markerlist.
  10. Event Do Before All the marker consumed On/Off
  11. Set Pos/Wp for schedule. : Bot is gonna head to this position when schedule get called.
  12. Waypoint ID for use
  13. memo
  14. Add to Scheule List
  15. Remove From Schedule List
  16. Schedule List : Push to call the value Above.

Marker Setting UI

  • Marker only works after called by scheduler
  1. Maker sure being Red for marker
  3. Add current position to Marker
  4. Remove current Marker
  5. Marker Set Number
  6. Marker Disable Radius (unique to each marker)
  7. Current Marker Number
  8. Push this you can see your recorded marker visually. like below
  9. Recorded markers. Push to edit.
  10. Recorded marker(visuallized). Push to edit.
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