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Madao Collective Pro


Kinda outdate sinse ishgard came up. Price will be lowered later with new version. And system will be ezpz. Plz just dont buy this until then.

  • Pro Mode Total Automation for Collective Craft and materia melding with it.
  • Auto Generate daily collective craft profile . Auto Generate Materia Fuel Gear Craft Profile when it get low.
  • Auto Gather Shards/Crystal Assignable.
  • Actually Don't Buy if you dont have more than 5 minion accounts.
  • Need MadaoCraft MadaoGather MadaoGrind (and MadaoRetainerAdvance to make it perm runnable).
  • Maybe need at least 3 Retainers hired.
  • Price 33.33 euro. I dont wanna everyone use this addon.
  • Setting is not simple. So this is pro mode. Really dont buy unless you are gettin income from it.


  • Materia Socketing for materia convert.
  • Server and Character Swapper for schedule task


  • auto move gear for materia bag to armory

Visual Guide

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