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  • This addon is required for all combat related tasks within the Madao-Addon-Series.
  • Including every MCR, MadaoFate, MadaoGrind, MadaoMobHunt and GatherLevel.


  • Please make sure to have MadaoCore installed. This addon is free in your MinionStore.


  • Ability to create your own rotations and openers for every job.
  • You can toggle different behaviors via the Toggle feature.
  • Set up keybinds for precise and quick control of bot behavior.
  • Automatically consumes food or potions when set up.
  • Make your own filters to tell the bot when to use skills and when to hold them.
  • Create your own Hotbar and customize it.
  • Add MobID's or targets to a blacklist, this will prevent the bot to apply dots to them.
  • Niche settings and gimmicks, including “Safe Target”, “No Move” and many more.

Toggle Explanation

  • Toggles are a quick and easy way to instantly alter the bot behavior.

The toggles are very self-explanatory. Whenever a Toggle is glowing (glowing orange in this example) that means it is enabled.
For instance: “Dmg Pot” is disabled. That means the bot won’t automatically use your Tinctures.
Following a more in depth explanation of certain toggles:

  • “No Big Cooldowns” You can customize which cooldowns not to use when enabled.
  • “No Big Auto” Will allow you to automatically enable “No Big Cooldowns” once a mob reaches a certain HP% threshold (used in Dungeons and Open World).
  • “Los Check” Will only try to attack mobs your character has a clear line of sight to.
  • “Safe Target” The bot will only attack the target when the target is attacking something.

Support and Feedback

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