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  • This addon adds company specific recipes to your Madao-Addon-Series.

Support and Feedback


  • Please make sure to have MadaoCore, MadaoCraft, MadaoGather, MadaoCombat and MadaoProfileGenerator installed.
  • Please note that some of those are paid addons.


  • Allows you to automate the crafting of Free Company items. (turning in is not included)
  • Seamless integration into the Madao-Addon-Series.

Additional Information

  • Unspoiled nodes take a lot of time to gather, I recommend buying them from the market board directly, If you have the chance.

Quickstart Guide

MadaoCompany Quickstart Guide

  • Access the MadaoProfileGenerator and you will find a new “Company” button.
  • Search for the recipes you need and generate a profile.
  • Start the bot and enjoy!
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