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Madao Addons

  • Gil Focusing Addon Series.
  • Totaly rebuild bot mechanics from very bottom.
  • You can make complicated bot schedule across my Addon Series.
  • 日本語(サポート)

Quick Open Addon

Madao Core

Core addon for Madao addons. You must have this addon for running my addon series.

  • My Addons dont support any passive type addon.
  • You cannot run my addon series with other addons together.
  • if you get error or bug please remove non madao addons to other folder and try without them please.
  • You have to set another minion settings for each character.



  • Destroy/Salvage/Convert/GrandCompanyTurnIn Free Features added.
  • Chocobo saddle bag deposit added.
  • Foods and BuffPotion now read current buff id . and refresh.

Visual Tips For Common Features

Activate Madao Series Addon / Set MainUI

  1. Click here to open main menu
  2. This Button is start button of Madao addons.
  3. Please set this to MadaoCore
  4. Minimize window.(good for cleaning up window mess.)
  5. Bot Pause : pausing bot without resetting bot ongoing values.

Minion Settings File

  • For now using different account. Need following steps.
  • Set Settings profile → default → set loging server name and index data for this account → back to set up Character Speficif Settings

Set Back Location


Housing Zone

Create Mesh

Assign Map Location



Retainer Set Up

Retainer Task is replaced Please check this add on wiki instead normal retainer usages are free(hunt / quick / repeat)

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