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  • This addon is absolutely required by any Madao-Addon.
  • You can not run Madao-Addons without it.
  • 日本語(サポート)

Madao Addon Series

Madao-Addons are a collection built to automate your Gil-Making tasks.
Giving you the option to buy exactly the features you want and add them to your arsenal.
Be it automatic crafting (MadaoCraft), gathering (MadaoGather), hunting a mob for materials (MadaoGrind), scheduling your tasks (MadaoPlanner) to more niche options like leveling your retainer (MadaoRetainerLeveling) or even the management of your garden (MadaoGarden)!
Chances are, whatever you imagine your bot to do, Madao-Addons can probably deliver you a satisfying result.

Basic Structure

  • open UI » select task mode » start


  • Please make sure to have MadaoCombat as well as MadaoCore installed.


  • Set specific settings for each character (Multibox friendly).
  • Automatic Destroy/Salvage/Conversion of items.
  • Turn items in automatically, i.e., Grand Company or Collectable items.
  • Setup pots and food for automatic use.
  • Manage your Inventory and Chocobo Saddlebag.
  • Set positions for the bot to return or craft at.
    • This includes housing zones! (Read more down below).
  • Check your retainer tasks to send them to hunt/quick/repeat automatically.
    • Want more retainer options? Check out MadaoRetainerAdvance.

Please Note

Madao-Addons are only compatible with other Madao-Addons. This counts for everything, except MCR-Addons.
Madao-Addons are intended to run tiring tasks completely automatic.
Madao-Addons are extremely versatile but have a lot of options you can choose.


Since you might be overwhelmed with so many options, nagishiro made a guide for easier use.
Please check it out here.
Special thanks to nagishiro!

Setup Your Character-Specific Settings

  • MadaoCore allow for specific and different settings for each of your characters, if you wish to use this feature, please follow along.
    • Otherwise every character will use the same settings and profile.

Setup Your Character-Specific Settings

  • Settings → [yourProfileName] → Set the character to use that profile

Set Custom Locations

  • Madao-Addons allow you to set specific locations to craft or default to, afer task completion.


  • Return to craft in an Inn, this makes it less likely to look suspicious.

Return to an Inn for crafting


  • Let the bot return to Housing-Zones instead.
    • Including FC-Houses and even houses that your friends let you use.
  • Requires some setup and takes around five minutes of your time.
  1. We need to create a mesh with the Minion-Mesh-Editor.
  2. Make sure to record the insides of your house thoroughly!
  3. If you already have a mesh for your house, skip these steps!

Create your own mesh!

  1. Now, we need to alter the settings within the Madao-Settings.
  2. Follow the instructions closely, the UI tells you exactly what to do when you follow along.

Set your Housing-Zone in the Madao-Settings

  • Congratulations, your bot will now return to your house to craft.


  • This feature allows you to set a specific location on the map you desire for the bot to return to.
  • Be it next to the Retainer-Bell the Hub-City, or just at your favorite location.

Return your favorite location to craft.

Support and Feedback

Wish to join our community or would like to report a bug? Join our Discord via this link:

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