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Madao Core Plus

  • Extra Complicated Features for My Other Addons.
  • Price 9.99 euro.


  • Sell to vendor
  • Auto Materia Socketing (able to run with regular bot running)
  • Chocobo Buddy Settings
  • Gather Extra Settings. (Behavior after assigned timed node tasks expired. Gather Unspoil/Legend nodes while crafting.)
  • Copy Settings data to other character.
  • GM handler and account security in depth settings.

Denvo Translator

  • Provided by 'Denvo' in discord.
  • Some special characters are not supported. ex) „†etc…
  • Korean languages is not supported. Because Denvo have no their game client and account.
  • Copy and paste is strongly recommended when searching by name.
  • The Data is appeartenly inside MadaoCraft Addon. He will release his one later.

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