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Madao Retainer Advanced

Free Features

  • Withdraw/Deposit crafting mats in auto while running other tasks.(Wont disturb your crafting profile.)
  • Do venture in auto while running other tasks.
  • Auto Shard/Crystal/Cluster management. withdraw-deposit in auto.

Paid Features

  • Sort-Retainer-Bag
  • Withdraw-Retainer-Gil
  • Assign deposit item manually to unique retainer from user defined list.
  • Onetime Withdraw. You will be able to deposit crafted item while running long profile and withdraw at once later by this.


  • This addon only works with my addon series.
  • You cannot run any other not madao addon with madao addon series.
  • Only works with English / Japanese / Korean /Chinese language until someone help me to input
  • Minion have no access to handling market board at all. So this addon cant add that too.

Visual guidance for start addon

  • Open Retainer and Assign BellLocation

  • Record Retainer and Assign Tasks


  • 12.48 euro
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