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Madao Scheduler (GW2)


  • Combine Addons and Custom Tasks
  • Can make daily schedule. And can assign different schedule each day of month.
  • Can combine custom tasks like mapcomps to one combined task.
  • My addon related features can be accessed from madao base too.
  • Skillmgr and Weapon swap for each task.
  • Wood cutter task. Change characters and do gather task along with pre setted marker.
  • Character swapper for each schedule task.(except for wood cutter which contain already)
  • Character Swapper
  • Wood Cutter (Character swapping gather ultimate)


  • Can use Pvp/WvW mode from customtask profiles



Visual Guide

Need Madao Data Pack

Quick Start

PVP is baesd on timer. Not match number

And it will check timer once battle done and before queue.

Weapon Swapper

Assign Character

Wood Cutter

Home Instance

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