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Madao WvW Roamer

  • English and Chinese language only
  • No Support Chinese Client
  • Automate WvW Roaming Addon(No Zerg)
  • Please Install MadaoDataPack
  • IF ADDON IS NOT WORKING. Please clear all non-defualt skill mgr profile and all not-me addon and test run again please.(clear means remove them from addon folder.temporary for testing)



  • Camp / Shrine / Sentry / VeteranCreatures(with wexp event) capping and farm wexp and pips
  • Do not run a lot for avoiding Get Reported. Im making human like script but no human can be able to run this boring task 24hrs. unless being zombie
  • And you cannot run this addon at prime time zone of your server group. (around weekly reset timezone)
  • Just for roaming.(No Zerg.)
  • Advanced WvW Player TargetPickUp.
  • Zerg dodger (Friendly and Enemy).
  • Please Run with Tanky Trait/Profession. Your Bot Need to cap camps by alone.
  • It has prime time dodger. Bot just stop in prime time of each Na/Eu servers.(+-3hrs from weekly reset time)(For avoding being massive report / and for some status resetting reason.)

Setting UI

  • Please Set Madao Default task (belong to MadaoDataPack)
  • Please normalize your os time to your location.Bot is watching it for weekly reset.
  • Push [1] to activate WvW Mode
  • Please run with tanky gears/traits. Your bot need to cap camp by alone
  1. WvW Button
  2. Current WvW Status
  3. Dodge Friendly Zerg too On/Off
  4. Zerg Dodge Number Threshold
  5. Aggro React Range : The range bot attacks enemy player when incombat
  6. Passive Attack Range : The range bot is gonna attack passively (off combat)
  7. Stomp On/Off
  8. Stomp health req
  9. Stomp target health minimum : If health is not enough player just attack downed
  10. Stomp target health max : If health exceeds player just attack downed
  11. Rez player health requirement : If health is not enough player just ignore downed
  12. Rez target health requirement : If health is not enough player just ignore downed
  13. Gather range
  14. Map Stay Minimum(Second) : The Staying time will be randomized from minimum to max. There is some other key to swap map so this is not 100%.
  15. Map Stay Max(Second) :
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