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“It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.” - The Wright Brothers

This addon is accessed from the MMOMinion \ Addons menu.

FREE 336-hour trial!


Mount Menu

  • Allows using ANY MOUNT, even those you HAVE NOT UNLOCKED!!!
  • You may choose to buy a skin in the Gem Store for your hacked mounts!
  • Selecting a new mount will automatically dismount when needed.
  • If your character is in combat or otherwise unable to mount at the time, you'll mount as soon as mounting is possible.
  • Allows switching between the Griffon and Skyscale mid-flight!

Skyscale Infinite Stamina

Fly as high as you like by resetting your Skyscale's stamina with a configurable modifier key + Spacebar.

By default, simply hold shift while hitting spacebar to fly to any height.

* Please make sure HACKS are enabled on the Quick Toggle bar to use this feature or any other mount enhancement.
* Also make sure you do not have the Shift key (by itself) bound to other shortcuts.


Griffon Flight

Fly around, gaining altitude as your griffon flaps its wings, rather than constantly gliding downward.

Got the need for speed? Dive in-place without losing altitude, then flap your wings for a burst of speed!

  • Traverse zones without mob interference.
  • Discover the beauty of GW2 landscape from the sky.


Skimmer Super Hover

Greatly improve your Skimmer mount's hover ability to glide over much longer distances.

Raptor Long Jump

Increase the jumping distance and jumping speed of your Raptor mount, allowing you to easily pounce over canyons.


Warclaw Automatic Sniffing

Automatically sniff out enemies in WvW at up to a 5000 range!


Springer Super Jump

Greatly improve your Springer mount's jump abilities, enabling you to reach new heights.

Mount Extras

These options can give you some freedom in how the bot handles mounting and mount attacks.

  • Stay mounted. Use this only if you think the mount is moving well enough on the mesh you'll be botting on.
  • Optionally delay auto-mount by a configurable number of seconds.
  • Auto-attack. Regardless of which mount you're using, it will attack your hostile targets when they're within 360 range.

NOTE: You should pre-verify mount movement is good enough on the meshes you'll be botting on before enabling auto-mount.

User Interface


  • For the WarClaw, you need to put one point into WarClaw mastery. (Note: You start with 1 free point to assign.)
  • Your Jump key should be bound to Spacebar. (default setting)

Shortcut Code

Although Magic Mounts can be controlled via the small user interface, you may want to create keyboard shortcuts.

Please note that these differ greatly from the in-game mount keyboard shortcuts in that you'll mount as soon as you're able even if you used the shortcut while in combat.

You can use these code snippets to create shortcuts in the shortcut menu if you'd like a hotkey to toggle the mount cheats on and off.

  • MagicMounts.MountIconClick(“skyscale”)
  • MagicMounts.MountIconClick(“griffon”)
  • MagicMounts.MountIconClick(“skimmer”)
  • MagicMounts.MountIconClick(“warclaw”)
  • MagicMounts.MountIconClick(“raptor”)
  • MagicMounts.MountIconClick(“jackal”)
  • MagicMounts.MountIconClick(“springer”)
  • MagicMounts.MountIconClick(“rollerbeetle”)
  • MagicMounts.CancelMount()

As an example, these steps will create a shortcut key to toggle mounting your Skyscale.

  1. From the MMOMinion menu, click Shortcuts.
  2. In the User Functions section, click New. This will open a Code Editor window.
  3. In the name field, type “Skyscale” without the quotes.
  4. In the code section at bottom, type MagicMounts.MountIconClick(“skyscale”), then click OK.
  5. In the Key Binds section, click New. This will open a Keybind Details window.
  6. In the name field, type “Skyscale” without the quotes.
  7. In the Function drop-down, choose “Skyscale”.
  8. Pick the hot keys you'd like to use and click OK
  9. If setup correctly, your configured hotkey will mount the Skyscale.

Is this safe?


  • I've received NO REPORTS of players being suspended for the use of this addon.
  • This includes players using both mounts that were not unlocked AND extensive use of the mount enhancements. (hacks)
  • I will do my best to keep the community informed of any changes.
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