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MCR Jadkay Bundle

This addon requires JadkayCore (free). Make sure you have that installed from the Minion store.

MCR Jadkay Bundle contains :

  • MCR Astrologian
  • MCR Sage
  • MCR Scholar
  • MCR Warrior
  • MCR White Mage

Please read their respective wiki for more infos about them.

Support on Madao discord :

Reporting Guide

To receive proper support, I'm asking you to make a proper report please.
I need a minimum of information to be able to resolve your issue :

  • Your job
  • Your level
  • Do you have all skills unlocked for your level ?
  • What were you doing ?
  • What's not working ?
  • Did you update and reload ?
  • Did you try with Madao's add-ons only ?
  • Copy all and paste of the console (if you don't want it to be public DM it to me)
  • Screen with specific information : version, profile used, filter settings

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