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This addon wont support 6.0 (Misawa gone. I have to teamed up with other guys. And it will be new addons. Madao-only part are remain perm) Price 50% off Now

MCR_SCH : Scholar

   «MCR» Madao and Misawa's Combat Routine.


  • focusing Dungeons, Normal Raid, Extreme level.
  • not recommended to use for Savage for now. (dps quite low maybe. heal work is fine.)
  • but yea best lazy job for Dungeons.


Quick Open Addon

★ All settings are prepared. No needed difficult settings. You can play in a second! ★  


Difference from Free Version

  1. You can use MCR Profile. include All Level Skills.
  2. You can make own opener routine with MCR Profile.
  3. Better routine than Free Version.
  4. Good DPS for Raid. also we will support. (Reactions are WIP.)
  5. And more.



  • Every GCD skills are PreGCD input.
  • No need to speed up bot pulse.
  • Aiming high perf and smooth movement. You can use Dungeon also Raid.
  • If you face trouble. Please report in Discord.
  • User side Macro and premade macro for skills.
  • Keybinds macros and skills.
  • Supportive UIs for notification.
  • Price 6.98 Euro



  • Please Install both addons from store to run this.


Visual Guide

Quick Start

Shortcut Manager

Macro Manager

Support UI Manager

Skill Editor

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