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“I sincerely hope you weren't expecting a response. Because I'm not talking to you.” - GLaDOS

Support thread

What does it do?

This module alerts you when your player has received a whisper, or when other chat channels contain search terms you specify.


Voice Notification

  • Even if GW2 is minimized or running in the background, Message Alert will tell you when you've received a message.
  • Message Alert still works when you've enabled the in-game option to “Mute when GW2 is in the background”.

E-Mail Notification

  • Specify a GMAIL address and Message Alert will send it e-mails with a Subject and Body containing any messages of interest.
  • Configure a separate e-mail app on your phone to monitor the e-mail address to receive notifications on your phone.

Keyword Options

  • Message Alert searches the Say, Emote, Team and Map chats for keywords you specify in SearchTerms.txt.
  • By default only “bot” and “AFK” are monitored, but you may add your player name(s) or other terms you want to be alerted about.

What is required?

  • This module requires that you have your volume turned up in order to hear the Sound notifications.
  • The e-mail notification only works with G-Mail addresses, but I suggest you create a new one specifically for this purpose.
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