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MinionController (FFXIV Minion)

This is a website that will allow you to controll you bots from anywhere you want (smartphone, computer etc..)


  • Enable/disable your bots
  • Change Mode (duty, grind, gather…)
  • Change Duty Profile, Quest Profile, Skill Profile
  • Teleport to aetherytes
  • Make / disband party with one click
  • Switch multibot channel
  • Pushbullet notification

How to set it up

To use this you need to install a LUA addon (like any classic MMOMinion addon) and then create a account on the website. The LUA addon uses the MultiBot module wich you get with the bot.

Go to this web site and register an account. Confirm your email, then log in.

Go to your bot IG and open the multibot add-on. Leave every field empty (you can set them but they wont be used) Unfold the “Remote Controller” Spoiler and set Active (1) If you don't have a “Remote Controller” spoiler this mean you didn't install the add-on. Set your UserName(3) and Password(4) here, the one you use on the website to create your account not the one from MMOMinion You can also check the Auto Relog(2) wich will relog you if the server crash. And then enable the multibot and your char should appeard on the website in a few sec (10 to 30sec, depends on how fast you connection is)

Channel system

When you create your account on the website, a Default Channel is created, this is where your bots will connect at first.

When you make a party, the bot wich initiate the party invites will invite every bots that are on the same channel. This bot will next be the party leader, and everything you do on it will be broadcasted to all the bot on the same channel (except skill profiles and item tracked).

So if you have 4 parties of bots, make 4 different channels. Basicaly, a channel is a party, keep that in mind.

Channel Management

Here you can rename your channels, add ones, delete others but you can also share them. Just put the username of the person you want to share it with, and he will automatically see it on his channel list (He may have to refresh the webpage to see it).

Item Tracker

The item tracker allows you to track any of your items, so you can know if your are done farming you atmas, alexandrites or even tomestone. All you have to do is enter the item's name and click “Track it!”. There is an auto complete feature when you start typing the name, and you can add more than one at a time.

Pushbullet Notification

With a Pushbullet account, you can subscribe to notification.

MinionController Light

The Light version of the MinionController features the same functionnality as the regular MinionController. The difference is that you can only log 2 char at the same time.

Please note than you can't have both the MinionController and MinionController Light installed at the same time, this will cause unstability issues.

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