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This will contain ALL the profiles for every other class meta build I am working on which is

  1. Firebrand Mantra (Finished!)
  2. Radiant Hammer (Finished!)
  3. Shade Fire/Blood Sage Scourge (Finished!)
  4. Bunker/Duelist Gyro Bunker (Finished!)
  5. Holosmith Elixir Rifle (Finished!)
  6. Bunker Boon Beast (Finished!)
  7. Mender/Condition Weaver (Finished!)
  8. Deadeye (WIP)
  9. Marauder Thief (Finished!)
  10. Spellbreaker GS/Dagger (Finished!)
  11. Power Shiro Revenant (Finished!)
  12. Reaper Spectral Onslaught (Finished!)
  13. Reaper Vampiric Greatsword (Finished!)
  14. Fire Weaver (Finished)
  15. Berserker Greatsword (Finished)
  16. ChronoBunker (Finished!)
  17. Chrono One Shot (Finished!)
  18. Gyro Bunker (Finished!)
  19. Multiple Variation of Weapon-sets and Utilities Profiles for Mesmer besides the legendary AFK profile. =====

Support Discord:

AFK BOT SPEC FOR Condition_Duelist_MesmerPvP4 & SETTINGS

(if you use this it guarantees rank gold 3 position always when run, if use assist can guarantee platinum ranking, and if you get good at portal cheating can even make it to legendary)

Note: Can be used with Modera's Profile Bundler (but not necessary) Also, you will find all the profiles inside your Skillmanager of Mesmer. MadaoPvP or SPvP are needed for this addon since it is for PvP matches.



LowestHealth, combat movement disabled on point


(For the build information please go down below to the link listed for this profile)

Main Menu Settings

Modera's Profile Bundler Settings (If plan to use it with the afk profiles coupled with it)

Builds for both WvW and PvP (if need gw2skilleditor links for mentioned specs above)

Links to builds: (Condition_Duelist_MesmerPvP3 is for various weapon combinations that you would like to try) (for afk botting, use Condition_Duelist_MesmerPvP4 profile, intended for afk botting) (Condition Sage WvW Complete Build, use Condition_Duelist_MesmerPvP4 profile, intended for afk botting) (for best performance in duels and bunkering nodes in matches, use Condition Sage profile, intended for assist) (If want to be an assassin and quickly burst down your targets, use Condition Sage profiles, intended for assist) (for the power shatter, still in beta because of mind stab targeting problems, use Power Shatter profile, intended for assist) (for fun meme play, use Scepter Duelist profile, intended for assist) (for bunkering down on nodes forever with lots of heals, use Mender_Condition_Weaver profile, intended for assist) (for bunkering on nodes as well as keeping your team alive forever, use Firebrand_Mantra profile, intended for assist) (for wanting to deal out conditions and strip boons and rezz easily your allies plus survive forever, use Blood_Sage_Shade_Fire_Scourge profile, intended for assist play still beta testing afk botting setup) (for wanting to deal out massive damage while stripping boons from foes with ease, use Blood_Sage_Shade_Fire_Scourge, intended for assist play) (for wanting supporting the team through boons and setting up kills with CC chains, use Chrono Support profile, intended for assist play) (for wanting an alternate take on power shatter rather than sword torch, use Zero.O Power Shatter, intended for assist play.) (for wanting to team fight effectively and rotate well in 1+, use Power Shiro Revenant, intended for assist play.) (for dealing heavy damage in team fights to enemies and winning duels on points, use Spectral_Onslaught_Reaper, intended for assist play.) (If you want a core pvp build that works at doing one shots well, use Core_Guardian, intended for assist play.) (If want to bunker a point forever with tons of boons and deal damage being the best duelist meta, use Boon_Beast_Ranger, intended for assist play.) (If want to wreck enemy team with tons of stuns and win teamfights always, use Elixir_Rifle_Holo, intended for assist play.) (If you want bunker their far, use Tetherbreaker_Warrior, intended for assist play.) (THE BEST DUELIST/BUNKER IN PVP CURRENTLY, get good at bunkering points or helping teammates and you will always win matches, intended for assist but can be used afk.) (Good at teamfights as well as dueling, tanky and the burning is insane this latest patch, intended for assist but possibly afk use) (Good in teamfights semi decent in duels, can be used afk and assist play.) (Good in teamfight only ever since nerf to confusing images, intended for assist play.) (Good in duels and teamfights, intended for assist play.) (Good in duels and teamfights, intended for assist play.) (Good in teamfights and poor in sustain fights without help, intended for assist play.)

If you have any questions about it or want to give feedback to improve the profile please private message me, reply in the support thread I will make soon, or direct message me in Minion Discord; my name is Hanaumi.

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