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Install ModeraBase for this addon to work

There are several scenarios that would be amazing to have ModeraRemote. On a walk with your dog and don't want to miss out? In holidays but still want to see what your bots do? Or you are at work and have a second screen to watch your bots or chat casually with your friends? This is ModeraRemote!


Interact with all bots at once or apply your interactions to a single one. This addon works on mobile and PC.


Control and get an overview of your bots

  • Stop/start
  • Change mode and character
  • Show what your bots are doing
  • Keep track of your*revenue on each of your bots. Which bot does the best :P?

Controls Stats


Manage your inventory.

  • Use/Sell/Delete (Handle bot mode automatically)
  • Bulk view/interaction



Chat with your friends in game or get notified when someone talks about you (*)

  • You can even join squads or parties by using /join or /squadjoin



Show your bots on the map and move them around as you like.

  • Waypoint usage
  • Teleportation to any point of the map



Still not enough? Well write your scripts and execute them like a pro!

  • Share scripts with your bot mates


How to use

  • Go to and register an account
  • Check your mail for a verification E-Mail
  • Login and add your bots API Keys

Each bot

  • Install ModeraBase from Minion store
  • Install ModeraRemote from Minion store
  • Select ModeraRemote in ModeraBase and input your API Key
  • Tick Enable Synchronisation

Afterwards you can visit the website again and can control and see your bots. Enjoy!


If you ever got an idea to be added, join my discord below and write me.


  • Manage your characters and their builds (**)
  • Inventory notification if you run out of space (*)
  • Manage every addon you own through the ModeraRemote app!
  • Start/stop your bot clients on the go
  • Update your bots without touching your virtual machines or PC at all
  • Setup a delayed action. This action will be executed at a certain time for all or certain bots



(*) Requires Watchdog

(**) Requires BuildTemplates, an upcoming addon

Cross Platform image source: cross platform by Olena Panasovska from the Noun Project

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