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MouseOverAbility Pro

XIVLauncher(Dalamud) users are not supported

Only Support PvE & Keyboard
Controller input not supported
Assist mode (Skill Profile or ACR) is assumed to be used, not all skills are available
However, additional requests will be accepted


What is [ MouseOverAbility Pro ]

Assist mode (Skill Profile or ACR) is assumed to be used
recognizing the position of the mouse cursor and Ability can be used like <mo>,<tt>,<1>,<2>,<3>,<4>,<5>,<6>,<7>,<8>,Ground Target macros
it is compatible with all ACRs and can also disable key input in games
this allows you to use the same key bindings as in the game, so you no longer have to worry about key bindings

How to use [ Keybind Support UI ]

If you set the same key as in-game
Support UI should be Active if it has an effect on the targeted enemy or if you are using abilities that have an effect on yourself
it does not need to be Active when using GroundTarget or abilities that have no effect on itself

What is [ GroundTarget SupportDot ]

Indicates the exact location of the Ability
location may differ from the cursor location depending on the area

displays a dot near the cursor
●green dot mean that the mesh is present and within Ability's range of use
●red dot means out of Ability's range
●yellow dot means that no Mesh exists at that location
Ability can be used without Mesh, but be aware that it can be used in places where it should not be
●black dot mean unable to retrieve information about the position


Support Discord
mushroom's Room

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