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Namnaf's Duties

These duties are capable of farming esoteric and lore tomes.

They both require a four-man bot team. The duties are dependent upon a normal setup of one Tank, one Healer, and two DPS Jobs.

A and B variants of certain duties are being made and tested due to the fact that two ranged DPS jobs might put more damage out than having a melee DPS. I've seen melee DPS just die randomly. One ranged DPS must use version A, the other version B. For tanks and healers both A and B will be the same.

The Aetherochemical Research Facility

Before fractal continuum can be farmed, and in order to finish the “Heavensward” quest Aetherochemical Research Facility must be completed. It is the most efficient source of law tomes that I know of.

The Fractal Continuum

Using this duty requires a tightly knit bot team. iLvl ~170 or so if you want to clear it entirely. If you have not done so already, consider adding a melee DPS for limit breaking the boss. “3435” may be placed into the “NOT content ID” within skillmanager so that it is reserved for the boss. Consider food. Eleven fully completed runs are necessary to max out the number of esoteric tomestones given to each character.

Saint Mocianne's Arboretum

Requires a 4 man bot team. Minimum iLvl requirements apply, although it seems to run well with various iLvls.

Pharos Sirius Hard Mode

Requires a 4 man bot team. Minimum iLvl requirements apply (i170). As previously stated, duty is written for TANK/MELEE/RANGED/HEALER setups.


Special note for Neverreap: Telecasting is highly likely to cause issues when you telecast into a whirlwind. Although I did my best to prevent it from happening, your melee characters will likely be caught in an animation unable to use skills or attack anything until that character is killed. So in general I clear this easier with telecasting turned off.

Important: If party wipes on first boss or if party fails to find the first boss please reload lua. This encounter is split into multiple encounters due to the nature of the boss hiding and the group needing to reposition to find it. Hopefully will work out a better way for it to be done but for now here it is. ;-)

How to load and start duty profiles (Shortened, Please refer to guide in forums if you need more comprehensive instructions or post/PM me)

1. Select the duty module from the lua module dropdown list.
2. Enable telecasting for melee units and disable it for ranged units.
3. Select the desired duty profile.
4. Select desired skill profiles for each bot.
5. Start/Enable the bot from each client.


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