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Profile Bundler

The Profile Bundler provides premade profiles and an API for everyone who wants to create their own profile. The addon can run with the Skillmanager but skills might then interfer! Furthermore this is NOT a replacement for the Skillmanager but should help creating a rotation based profile.

If you like more high quality profiles get the Deluxe version of Profile Bundler. Farmer profiles are in Deluxe aswell.

Contained Profiles

The currently available profiles are listed on my discord by asking moderaBot.

If you have created a profile and want to share it with everyone, send it on Discord. If it's stable enough it can be added as permanent profile (if you want it is).

How to use

The addon can be found in the GW2Minion menu.

The GUI consists of the Profile Bundler settings and the options of the selected profile.

Nr Description
1 Controls
- Running means profile is active.
- Build Info will open Nr 4.
- Settings/PVP Features will stop profile while Enemy is blocking.
- Settings/Auto set empty SM will replace current SM with a placeholder to prevent SM intervention with Bundler.
- Settings/Only attack on having target will execute profile even out of combat.
- Settings/Temporary enable Logs will help debug a profile.
- Settings/Network Latency will add skill delays.
2 Target Info helps in assisted combat to keep flanking/being behind.
3 Profile specific settings. They are set by the methods
4 Build Info. Is set by the method

Assign Shortcut

In the bot's menu you can assign a toggle/trigger for easier use of the bundler. You have two functions that you can use:

  • Toggle Run ProfileBundler (does the same as the Running/Stopped button)
  • Trigger Reset ProfileBundler (does the same as the reset button)
  • Toggle Lock ProfileBundler (does the same as the target lock button) ⇒ bind it to Control+T for convenience 8-)

How to create a profile

Public API

  MPB_Public:GetRootPath() -- returns the module folder
  MPB_Public:IsRunning() -- returns if the profile is disabled or running
  MPB_Public:ToggleModule() -- disables/enables the profile
  MPB_Public:TriggerReset() -- resets the profile context
  MPB_Public:ToggleTargetLock() -- locks/unlocks the target
  MPB_Public:GetBlockSkills(projectiles) -- projectiles of type boolean, returns a list of skill IDs
  MPB_Public:HasSkill(nameOrId) -- return if skill is in active profile or not
  MPB_Public:DisableStartFightOOC() -- disable "attack on having target"
  MPB_Public:EnableStartFightOOC() -- enable "attack on having target"

You can have your profile externalized as a seperate addon by creating your own addon. Unzip this into your LuaMods folder and create the profiles you want in the profiles folder. On LuaMods startup/refresh your profiles will be automatically copied to ProfileBundler.

UserProfileBundler Git


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