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Profile Bundler Deluxe

The deluxe version of ProfileBundler contains:

  • Profiles of higher complexity. With this you will have access to better profiles and so compete on a higher level with your teammates
  • Build template tool

If you have a request concerning the profiles don't hesitate to DM me or write in my channel on Discord.

This addon has major issues with Korean/Chinese version of Gw2! The skillids can't be retrieved for these clients in a reliable way. Please DON'T buy!

Contained Profiles

The currently available profiles are listed on my discord by asking moderaBot.

Disclaimer: All profiles are based on the meta indicated on Snowcrows or simliar websites. If a profile is not synchronized with those site anymore, take always first the build setup from the “?” button.

The following profiles only work 100% if you have Follow Commanders Addon. They can be used in assist and grind mode:

Class Name Made for Build
MesmerMirageFarmerDeluxeTagging,Halloween etc.Metabattle
ThiefDaredevilFarmerDeluxeTagging,Halloween etc.Tanky

Enable “attack on having target” in Profile Bundler and disable things like combat movement and combat itself in follow commanders addon

Build Templates Tool

  • Load will load the selected entries
  • Cancel will stop equipping
  • Checkboxes decide what you want to save
  • Name the name for the new entry (if already exists then it will overwrite)
  • Save saves the current build
  • Delete removes the selected entries in list

The Template Build tool can be opened by the shortcut Alt+Shift+D (aslong you haven't already registered something with those combinations).

  • Sigil swapping is not supported at the moment
  • If you equip weapons before choosing the required specialization it will naturally fail.
  • Equipment that only differentiate by stats won't be recognized so far
  • Last but not least ⇒ Use either the GW2 Templates or this. Bundlers Templates needs the equipment in inventory to work with.


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