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PVP - The Fields of Glory (Shatter)

This Addon will run the PVP mode The Fields of Glory (Shatter)!
Please make sure you read over everything before running this to ensure everything is setup correctly.

Important Notes:

So since Stormblood there has been quiet a few more bots and this has cause a number of issues of people getting stuck on other bots.
There is a manual blacklist system that I highly suggest you use when you see this happen. I have put an auto timeout feature in to help but Manual Blacklist is always best.
Make your you monitor the bot for at least a few matches before just leaving it running and monitor as much as possible to use that blacklist.
I HIGHLY suggest you stick to normal playtime and reasonable total matches as there is a online leaderboard.
I Also highly suggest you prevent from running this in dead server time as the number of real players is less and buts higher so follow bot will happen more.
As always don't abuse and follow what I have said and the guide and you will be fine, the more you push it the greater risk you put yourself at.
Please use it safely :)

How to use:

Which can be opened from the “MMOMinion” Button - MMOMinion → FFXIVMinion → HusbandoMax → PVP-Shatter

From here you Enable/Disable the addon as well as tinker with lots of settings. You can also Open/Close the overlay that contains a load of data, a log and GUI additional settings.
Every default value is pretty right to leave how it is but feel free to play with that you have.
Please make sure you have either a Skill Profile provided by me FOR PVP or a working PVP ACR otherwise you will not attack.
List and description of all the settings can be found below :D


Enable: Enables addon till stopped manually or set match counter reached. Auto Start: Will automatically start addon if a crash/dc/restart happens till stopped manually or set match counter reached. (Don't forget to turn off when you want it to stop)
Auto Queue: Will automatically enter you into Shatter till stopped manually or set match counter reached.
Match Counter: Total number of complete matches since started.
Allow Mounting: Toggle the use of mounting.
Attack Enemies: Toggle Enemy combat.
Attack Ice: Toggle Ice Combat
Ice Self Defence: Allows you to fight back when a player is attacking you while in combat with Ice. (Not working)
Solo Fight: If moving to a location and you find a single enemy you will engage them.
Min Match Wait Time: Set the min wait time before starting to move at the start of the match. (Adds a little randomness)
Max Match Wait Time: Set the max wait time before starting to move at the start of the match. (Adds a little randomness)
Min Queue Delay Time: Set the min wait time before entering the queue after match completed. (Adds a little randomness)
Max Queue Delay Time: Set the max wait time before entering the queue after match completed. (Adds a little randomness)
Wait Time Before Leave: Wait till set time has passed before leaving the match.
Attack Range From Follow: This one will require a bit of tweaking depending how Aggressive you wanna play. Set the distance too far and you might see yourself running to far from the group to attack someone an getting rekt. Too little and you might see yourself doing a load of sitting around. Adjust to your preference. May be able to adjust it differently depending on the class you're playing. Personally I like about 20.
Stop Match Counter: Use this value if you would like the bot to stop after so many runs. (0 = Disabled)

Width: Set the default Overlay size with the buttons.
Height: Set the default Overlay size with the buttons.
UI Scale: Scale the Overlay size.
Transparency: Change the Transparency of the Overlay.
Hide Player Names: Was going to change some code to do this to make the video but thought I'd just include it as a feature. Just shows the class over the player names in the overlay.
Reset to Original: Resets above settings to originals.
Column 1-5 Width: Changes the column sizes on the Data tab in the Overlay.


As a result of the increase in bots I have implemented a auto timeout feature if your current follow does not move for x time to help prevent grouping of bots but if you see this happening its always best to manually blacklist these people.
To blacklist people just open the blacklist section on the main GUI and write the name as it appears on screen and hit “Add to Blacklist” or you can simply target the person and hit “Blacklist Current Target”
It is also possible to blacklist your current follow by hitting the “← Blacklist” text that appears next to the Current Following info below Status.

Skill Profiles

All skill profiles can be found in my discord or here:
Install these here: C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\LuaMods\ffxivminion\SkillManagerProfiles


I'm not attacking! Most cases of not attacking are due to not having a functioning skillprofile/ACR. If you have a profile make sure you're setup as the following.

Remember that Assist must be enabled in the bot and ALWAYS check your skill profile filters by hitting the “Show Filters” button in the assist page.

I'm not moving from spawn! Usually this means you don't have a mesh loaded make sure the navigation mesh is loaded in the Navigation window in the MMOMinion button. (This mesh she be set and downloaded by default with the bot now)

I'm getting stuck on bots! Please read over the Blacklist info here.




  • Sorted server list.
  • v1 of included Blacklist!
  • Auto blacklist fixes.
  • This is an important update so I highly suggest getting it!


  • More pre blacklist changes.


  • Match counter queue fix.


  • New blacklist method preparations.
  • Fixed Stop counter blank bug.
  • Fix for running off on Ice sometimes.


  • Random Ice Melee POS added back.
  • Some movement changes.
  • Few other small things for next update.


  • Few changed to test debug issue.
  • Blacklist exporting.
  • (Please don't share your blacklist, send me your blacklist files and datacenter in PM here so I can form a hidden list)


  • Tank GUI text colour change.


  • Added some code for New addon coming soon.
  • Small changes to narrow down the rare debug issue seen on player death in the bot.


  • Spawn Blacklist fix.
  • Removed some old console messages.


  • Fix to help prevent/reduce back/forth following.
  • Small mounting change to force when any enemy is near not just 2+
  • More melee adjustments…
  • Some other small things.


  • Melee Ice Adjustment.
  • Small Melee Player Attack Change.


  • Dragoon Ice Fix.
  • Menu Icon Fix.


  • Dragoon Fix Attempt.


  • Manual Blacklisting fixes.


  • Melee Player Range fix.


  • Melee Random Ice Attack Range fix.


  • Hide Player Names Fix.
  • More Random Ice Attack Range.
  • Additional Ice Attacking Fix.


  • I'm so bad…


  • Fix now not using Center location as final fall back.


  • Functions for shortcut GUI opening.
  • Disabled Mount Fixes.
  • Melee Adjustments.
  • Auto Blacklist/Timeout People AFK at your capture point.


  • Disabled Addon + Overlay always opening on reloads.


  • Rare Ally being regarded as enemy fix.


  • RDM not attacking Ice fix. (Let me know if any other classes do this)
  • Blacklist fix.(edited)

v18 (The Rewrite…)

  • For starters there WILL be bugs… But if you give me enough info I will be able to fix them…
  • If there is anything you like/dislike about the changes I'd like to know…
  • Anyway here is the rough list of what has changed.
  • Huge GUI changes (Cleaner and easier to use and get to the important stuff)
  • Running back into wall after dropping off a cliff/spawn FIXED.
  • Smarter Mounting (Will dismount if near enemies)
  • Option to not use mount at all.
  • Smarter combat system, melee still needs some work…
  • Add target to blacklist button + Add current follow to blacklist via Overlay.
  • Auto-blacklist system to timeout inactive players.
  • Autostart addon with bot startup.
  • Force bot options (No more incorrect assist settings)
  • Confirms Ready Checks.
  • Added additional longer range Ice scan before going to final center fall back.
  • New LOS check for Ice.
  • Auto spawn blacklist.
  • Solo Combat (Will now initiate combat if 1 enemy is nearby)
  • Randomized requeue delays
  • Auto diables Permasprint.
  • Match counter with stopper after set amount of runs.
  • Probably more that I forgot about and a heap more behind the scenes stuff.


  • Fixed the non attacking issue due to face target not working corrently.
  • Make sure your setting are as above picture and my new face target method will take care of the rest.


  • (It skipped a number here for some reason)


  • Fix for mount issue in non EN client.


  • Changed the Min and Max Wait Time sliders.
  • Please change these values. ~90s


  • Quick fix for old mesh name (Again ;_;).


  • Quick fix for old mesh name.


  • Fix DF not opening for some.
  • Fix for Queue Commence.
  • Fix for new leave message.
  • Check for correct mesh loaded before starting.


  • Default Shatter DF Value to 5 (Please set this value to fix queue selection)
  • Moved to new menu (Finally)
  • Added SAM/RDM Support
  • Icons Included
  • More soon…..


  • More accurate moving to current follow.
  • Mounting/Dismounting fixes.
  • Leave Delay.
  • Waiting at Ice when dead fix (Still sometimes sits when current follow is there)
  • Performance and GUI Optimization.
  • Targeting options (Soon).


  • DF Selection Fix.


  • Small Fix.


  • Fix to change current follow if they die overwriting time limit for changing the current follow.


  • Added Tooltips to main window.
  • Added Auto Queue toggle.
  • Added Bypass wait time button.
  • Added Settings menu to hide/show settings.


  • Dismount when player reached fix.
  • Player from spawn distance fix.
  • Improved random follow change time.


  • I have no idea if I actually updated something or it skipped a number here…


  • Blacklist Added.
  • Reduced how often follower can be changed. (Random 10-15sec)
  • Increased range from spawn to prevent moving to people leaving spawn.
  • Changed some default values.
  • Fixed default value that was breaking the GUI. (Please hit the reset button if this happens after first update)
  • Performance increase.
  • Added the ability to start the addon mid PVP. (Will still have starting wait timer. Must be started close to your spawn)
  • I think that's about it.


  • Initial Release


For support or anything related to this addon please post in the forum >
For quick live support join my Discord >

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