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Red is a RedMage flexible, configurable combat routine.
Requires Endwalker Upgrade Key for 6.x users (Effective 12/31/21).



  • Show Quick Toggle
    • Toggles the Quick Toggle window (discussed below) on/off.
  • Potion Type
    • Choose potion type to use in combat.




  • Instance (Tier 1)
    • First-level check for in-instance situations.
  • Instance (Tier 2)
    • Second-level check for in-instance situations.
  • Non-Instance
    • Check for non-instance situations.
  • Target HP % >=
    • Targets current HP %.
  • Target HP Advantage >=
    • Comparison of target HP max to Player HP max, used as a strength gauge.
    • Ex: Target HP max of 500, Player HP max of 250, advantage would be 2 (500 / 250) rounded down.


Here you can setup various mouse clicks to interact with the ACR party interface, for quick casting manually.


Here you can setup various hotkeys to toggle some Quick Toggle variables on/off.

QT Custom

Here you can configure the layout of the Quick Toggle menu.

Quick Toggle

Most of the toggles are self-explanatory, but a little clarification never hurts..

Destroy - Acts as an override for the settings on the Advanced page regarding CDs/DoTs and MP limitations. All enemies will be treated as boss level, with the rotation aiming for max DPS. Not always ideal on weak mobs.

Some Toggles have info displayed if hovered over


Issues/requests should be submitted via:

Discord @ in the #acr-general channel or via direct message.
Veil thread in the FFXIVMINION > Store Addons forum section. (Slower responses)

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