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This addon requires TensorCore! Make sure you have that installed from the Minion store.

For optimal performance, you must set your pulse rate to 50ms or lower. As such, this addon, by default, will set your pulse rate to 50. You can disable this in RikuNIN > Options > High Performance Mode. You also need to have less than 80 ping if you want high parses.

RikuNIN is an extremely optimized PvE Ninja Shadowbringers combat routine that is highly customizable and intended for high-level play. With optimal gear, it is effortless to parse and rank in the top 30. My testers even reached rank 1 with this ACR and with minimal interaction.

RikuNIN also features an innovative hotbar that will allow you to control the ACR exactly how you want. You press the button; it uses the skill. Knockback coming in? Press the arm's length button, and you will be good to go. RikuNIN will weave the ability as soon as possible without interrupting your rotation, all at the click of a button. No more spamming the ability and fighting with the ACR. It just works.

Some more notable features exclusive to RikuNIN:

  • Fully optimized rotation
  • Dynamic Armor Crush will auto-detect when you're in the flank and use AC. It will also detect if Huton will fall off during trick attack and forces AC earlier. The ACR will show positional indicators for this entire process.
  • Argus Positionals, a brand-new and revolutionary feature for positionals. No more staring at arrows or a text box trying to figure out where the boss is facing and where you need to go. Using Argus API, it will draw a cone for where your positional will be.
  • Position Time Bar, telling you exactly when your positional be so that you can plan ahead.
  • And many more optimizations that make RikuNIN the best and highest DPS NIN Combat Routine on the market


Please join this discord for any support or issues you might have


User Interface

Let's start with the main options window

You can right-click on individual options here to reset them to default. You can also right-click on the options tab itself to reset everything in the tab to default. You can do the same for QT Settings and Hotbar settings. With qt/hotbar settings, you can also restore default positions if you change resolutions and toggles go off-screen.

Here are all the toggles that you will be most frequently interacting with:

The icons are your Hotbar.

The green/red toggles are your usual Quick Toggles or QT for short.

The Opener toggle is XIVOpeners, another addon that I made, which is free and open source. It provides customizable openers with a little bit of Lua knowledge. XIVOpeners provides all optimal openers. You can find the download link here, and for more information click here.

The Slide/Stutter/Off toggles are from TensorDrift, sold separately in the store. Highly recommend using TensorDrift with this ACR; it works extremely well and makes QoL a lot better for TCJ.

Quick Toggles

Quick Toggles are buttons that you can quickly toggle options on/off with. All of these can be fully customized, including hotkeyed.

CD - Toggles TCJ and Meisui usage.

AOE - Toggling this off will only do the Single Target rotation even if there are mobs in a cone in front of you. Useful for invuln add phases and focusing single adds down.

Burn - Disables forced armor crush, dumps ninki, and dumps excess mudras.

Burn Mudra - Only burns excess mudras (for stuff like a phase transition, where you may not want to burn ninki gauge etc.)

Pre TA - Use this if you want to delay the Trick Attack set up. This toggle will turn off suiton and kassatsu. The ACR won't use TA if this toggle is off due to lack of suiton, so generally, you don't have to worry about the TA toggle.

TA - Turns off trick attack and Dream Within a Dream

Fast TA - This will ignore 2x bhava check and use trick ASAP. Use this for e8s opener. It will also try to clip potion as a double weave for e8s opener since you can't fit pot anywhere else.

Clip TA - If you have some edge case alignment like TA coming up 0.6s before GCD, the ACR will usually use a gcd and weave TA in the next gcd. However, this may cause some misalignment issues with other raid buffs. This toggle will override that and allow a small gcd clip for TA.

Hold Ninki - Holds bhava, bunshin, and hellfrog.

Potion - Toggles automatic potion usage. It will not simply use the potion on cooldown; instead, it will decide the most optimal time to use the potion and ensure you hit all your big cooldowns. Useful for fights where you can only get 2 pots in.

Additionally, everything about the qt toggles can be customized as shown (the options are pretty self-explanatory)


Hotbar is pretty straightforward. You press the button; it'll light up to show that it's enabled and disables itself once the ACR casts the ability. It's a replacement for casting abilities manually and fighting the ACR. Press the button once, and the ACR will use that ability ASAP without messing up the rotation. As a high-level raider, I find these much more useful than the typical automated reactions system.

Hotbar will also show the cooldown of the ability, so you don't need to look at your actual ffxiv hotbar for the cooldown.

Armor Crush - This will force the next combo finisher to be armor crush. Use this for phase transitions where you want to force a refresh. Note: Normally, when you are in the flank, if your huton gauge is below 40 seconds, it will already use armor crush. This hotbar is useful if you either can't reach the flank or have to overcap a refresh for long transitions.

Shukuchi - Both Shukuchi hotbars will go to your specified position. Or, if your position is too far away, it will go as far towards your specified position as possible.

As with quick toggles, you can extensively customize everything about the hotbars.

Setting Up

First, make sure you have TensorCore installed from the Minion store.

Next, make sure you select RikuNIN in the ACR dropdown.

And you're done! Now go ahead and customize to your liking and enjoy.

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