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This addon requires TensorCore! Make sure you have that installed from the Minion store.

This addon DOES NOT HEAL. Please use TensorReactions for healing; it provides by far the most customizable and efficient healing system. No ACR will ever heal as well as reactions can.

For optimal performance, you must set your pulse rate to 50ms or lower. As such, this addon, by default, will set your pulse rate to 50. You can disable this in RikuWHM > Options > High Performance Mode. You also need to have less than 80 ping if you want high parses.

RikuWHM is an extremely optimized PvE White Mage DPS Shadowbringers combat routine that is highly customizable and intended for high-level play. With optimal gear, it is effortless to parse and rank in the top 30. My testers even reached rank 1 with this ACR and with minimal interaction.

RikuWHM also features an innovative hotbar that will allow you to control the acr exactly how you want to. You press the button, and it uses the skill. Knockback coming in? Press the arm's length button, and you will be good to go. RikuWHM will weave the ability as soon as possible without interrupting your rotation, all at the click of a button. No more spamming the ability and fighting with the ACR. It just works.

Some more notable features exclusive to RikuWHM:

  • Mouseover Healbars, they use the in-game party frames for minimal clutter. They will snapshot your mouseover target when you press the button, so you don't have to keep spamming or keep your mouse hovered on the target constantly.
  • Fully optimized rotation
  • Extensive UI customization to make healing as easy as possible
  • Modern UI, hotbars with icons
  • And many more

This ACR is fully optimized for damage; it will automatically weave Assize and Benison and using the Healbars, and it can automatically decide when to swiftcast vs when to hard clip. Weaving is fully optimized to maximize glare casts.

Please join this discord for any support or issues you might have

User Interface

Let's start with the main options window

Res Priority - Self-explanatory. An important thing to note, for ressing DPS, it will prioritize DPS that can res (SMN, RDM) before others. Swift/Hard Res Message - Sends a message in chat when res is happening. You can use it just like a normal macro, with <t> for your target. All target placeholders from in-game macros will work. There is special formatting for auto-translated messages, however. The format goes: {ability:1234} where 1234 is replaced by your ability id. For example: /p {ability:7561} {ability:173} <t> will print this

High Performance Mode - Removes the 50ms pulse limit. If this option is on, the pulse rate can never go higher than 50 (it can still be set lower). If this option is off, then the pulse can go higher than 150. For optimal performance, leave this toggle on; otherwise, you will get small rotation issues due to things getting detected too late and missing cooldown windows!

You can right click on inidividual options here to reset them to default, you can also right click on the options tab itself to reset everything in the tab to default. The same can be done for QT Settings and Hotbar settings, and with qt/hotbar settings, you can also restore default position in case you change resolutions and toggles go off-screen.

Here are all the toggles that you will be most frequently interacting with:

The icons are your Hotbar.

The green/red toggles are your normal Quick Toggles or QT for short.

The Opener toggle is XIVOpeners, another addon that I made, which is free and open source. It provides customizable openers with a little bit of Lua knowledge. All optimal openers are provided in XIVOpeners. You can find the download link here, and for more information click here.

The Slide/Stutter/Off toggles are from TensorDrift, sold separately in the store. Highly recommend using TensorDrift with this ACR; it works extremely well and makes QoL a lot better for channelled abilities.

Quick Toggles

Quick Toggles are buttons that you can quickly toggle options on/off with. All of these can be fully customized, including hotkeyed.

CD - Toggles usage of Presence Of Mind

Benison - This will auto weave benison on whoever is the Main Tank during every redot window.

Assize - This will use assize on cd optimally; it will either hard clip it or weave with your redot window.

M Swift - This will toggle usage of Swiftcast for when you're moving.

O Swift - This will toggle usage of Swiftcast to create weave windows. Note: RikuWHM is optimized such that it will know how many OGCDs you need to weave and determine if you can get away with hard clipping it or if you need to hard clip swift to create windows for the rest of the OGCDs that need to be used, or if you have a natural weave window coming up (redot, misery) and won't need to swift at all.

Misery - The ACR will use Misery whenever possible for weaving OGCDs or movement uptime. Turning this off will prevent that. This toggle is useful when you know an add phase is coming up and want to hold misery for padding.

Potion - It will use pot on cooldown since, on WHM, that's optimal.

Burn - This will dump misery if it's available since it's normally held for weaving or movement.

Additionally, everything about the qt toggles can be customized as shown (the options are pretty self-explanatory)


Hotbar is pretty straightforward. You press the button, and it'll light up to show that it's enabled and disables itself once the acr casts the ability. It's a replacement for casting abilities manually and fighting the ACR. Press the button once, and the ACR will use that ability ASAP without messing up the rotation. As a high-level raider, I find these much more useful than the typical automated reactions system.

Hotbar will also show the cooldown of the ability, so you don't need to look at your actual ffxiv hotbar for the cooldown.

Note: Everything single target is gonna be mouseover! What this means is you have to keybind it, and to use it, first, hover over your intended target either in-game or using the in-game party frames. Then, press your keybind. It will snapshot your current hovered target, so you can safely go back to whatever you were doing before, and the ACR will automatically cast/weave on your target.

The hotbars are also intelligent enough to prevent as much hard clipping as possible. For example, if you have misery available and use an OGCD hotbar, the ACR will pop misery and then weave your ability. Additionally, if you have misery available and enable a lily heal, it will know to dump misery first and then use your heal. Hotbar status is also automatically factored in for swiftcast usage.

As with quick toggles, everything about the hotbars can be extensively customized.

Setting Up

First, make sure you have TensorCore installed from the Minion store.

Next, make sure you select RikuWHM in the ACR dropdown.

And you're done! Now go ahead and customize to your liking and enjoy.

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