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This addon requires SallyLib! Make sure you have that installed from the Minion store.

SallyGNB is an Endgame PvE ACR Profile for GunBreaker. The combat routine is mainly intended for level 80 end-game raiding. With the right gear, positioning, and awareness, you can achieve high performance. Addon comes with built in openers, skill bar, and hot bar that takes into account oGCD optimal weaving.



  • Correct weaving of No Mercy, Gnashing Fang, Sonic Break, etc. to ensure 5 GCD.
  • Optimal MP usage
  • Optimal AOE calculation
  • Optimal automatic pot timing
  • Ensures cool down lines up correctly
  • Rich hotbars
  • Ability to burn boss and go into a “burst mode”
  • Optimal use of No Mercy windows to ensure max dps output within correct time-frames and max carts.
  • Optimal use of Bloodfest to ensure Cart-abilities are being weaved in as frequently as possible.
  • Four built-in Opener rotations to ensure an option for every battle.

Orange Parse Notes: The ACR can definitely achieve orange parses. Thus, orange parses depends on the following things in these order:

  1. BiS Gears. This ACR relies heavily on optimized gears to achieve highest results.
  2. Need optimal GCD skill speed to weave in enough skills into your No Mercy windows.
  3. Melee uptime. Always be attacking. Lost of up-time will affect you tremendously.
  4. Kill time: Simply put, if you didn't kill at burst window, your dps will be down the drain by a few hundred.
  5. Luck: parses need luck with high crit to achieve best results. This can require farming/parsing some savages.

Set-up Guide

  • Step 1: Select ACR from the FFXIVMinion Menu
  • Step 2: Select ACR
  • Step 3: Select SallyGNB profile
  • Step 4: Have fun!

General Settings

From Top to bottom:

  1. Show Skill Bar: Shows the skill bar for quick selecting the Skills option
  2. Show Hot Bar: Shows the hotbar
  3. oGCD Delay: Normally a skill takes roughly ~700-750ms delay to cast. Increase this value if you are clipping. If you want to try to fit in more GCD or be more optimal, decrease this value to the bare minimum where you are not clipping.
  4. Use assist's Start Combat Check: if enabled, it will check for assist's combat check option to see if you are allowed to start combat.
  5. Opener Mode: provides four openers.
  6. Use Lightning Shot at >= X Yalms: Set range to use Lightning Shot at
  7. Use autostance skillbar: enable the usage of auto stance mode by using skillbar
  8. debug: prints messages for helping developer fix issues

AOE Settings:

  1. Demon Slice: min target needed to use skill
  2. Demon Slaughter: min target needed to use skill
  3. Fated Circle: min target needed to use skill
  4. Fated Circle Priority: min target needed to use Fated Circle over Gnashing skill

Skills Settings

From Top to bottom:

  1. Opener: Turn on when you are ready to perform opener. Just attack boss after
  2. Potion: Uses potion at optimal buff timing
  3. Save CD: Saves cd listed
  4. Use AOE: Enables the uses of AOE skills
  5. Use Tank Stance: enables/disable Grit
  6. Use Tomahawk during range: If target is out of your range check, then profile will use Tomahawk
  7. Use Blood Fest: Enable/disable Blood Fest usage
  8. Use Bow Shock: enables/disable Bow Shock usage
  9. Use Rough Divide: Enable/disable Rough Divide usage
  10. Use Sonic Break: Enables/disable Sonic Break usage
  11. Use No Mercy: Enable/disable No Mercy usage
  12. Use Blasting Zone: Enable/disable Blasting Zone usage
  13. Use Ammo Skills: Enable/disable skills which use your cartridges
  14. Use Burn Boss: If enabled, it will use all of your resources (MP, plunge, etc) for burst
  15. Allow LS to Break Combo: Allows the use of Lightning Shot to break your current combo if your char gets out of mellee range.
  16. Save one charge of Rough Divide: Will save a charge of the skill Rough Divide to be used manually; primarily as a gap-closer.

The skill bar corresponds to the same settings above.

QT Settings

This menu is pretty simple. It will let you change if you show skill settings in the skill bar. Also you can adjust the position and index of the skill bar with this.

QT Customize

This page customizes the number of columns, spacing, color, etc for the skill bar.

Hotbar Settings

This menu is pretty simple. It will let you change if you show skill settings in the hotbar. Also you can adjust the position and index of the hotbar with this. Note: You can enable certain skills to be allowed to tripple-weave within this menu. If enabled, the skill will always double-weave, but will tripple-weave if you have, for instance, a continuation proc you need to utilize.

Hotbar Customize

This page customizes the number of columns, spacing, color, etc for the hotbar.

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