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Servantes (Summoner) is a Summoner and Arcanist flexible, configurable combat routine.
Requires Endwalker Upgrade Key for 6.x users (Effective 12/31/21).



  • Show Quick Toggle
    • Toggles the Quick Toggle window (discussed below) on/off.
  • Potion Type
    • Choose potion type to use in combat.
  • Reapply Debuffs If (Seconds ⇐ )
    • Buffer used as a base calculation for reapplying main DoTs.
  • Bane If (Mobs >= )
    • Required minimum affected mobs for Bane usage.
  • Bane Min Buff Time (2 Mobs)
    • This is the amount of time required to be remaining on all buffs on the current target, if PainFlare is available, and Bane will only strike 2 targets.
  • Bane Min Buff Time (2+ Mobs)
    • This is the amount of time required to be remaining on all buffs on the current target, if PainFlare is available or not, and Bane will strike 2 or more targets.
  • Refresh DoTs for Bane
    • This setting, which is also a toggle (Bane Refresh), will refresh DoTs on the current target in order to meet the required time needed to use Bane.
  • ShadowFlare If (Mobs >= )
    • Required minimum affected mobs for ShadowFlare usage.


  • Sustain If (Pet HP % ⇐ )
    • Use Sustain if Pet HP drops below x %.
  • Summon If (MP % >= )
    • Required minimum MP to summon a new pet.
  • Pet Defense Skill (HP % ⇐ )
    • Required HP to active Pet defensive abilities.
  • Pet AOE if (Mobs >= )
    • Required minimum affected mobs for Pet AOE skills.



  • Instance (Tier 1)
    • First-level check for in-instance situations.
  • Instance (Tier 2)
    • Second-level check for in-instance situations.
  • Non-Instance
    • Check for non-instance situations.
  • Target HP % >=
    • Targets current HP %.
  • Target HP Advantage >=
    • Comparison of target HP max to Player HP max, used as a strength gauge.
    • Ex: Target HP max of 500, Player HP max of 250, advantage would be 2 (500 / 250) rounded down.


Here you can setup the mouse-click combinations that will fire certain abilities when you click on the ACR Party Interface.


Here you can setup various hotkeys to toggle some Quick Toggle variables on/off.

QT Custom

Here you can configure the layout of the Quick Toggle menu.

Quick Toggle

Most of the toggles are self-explanatory, but a little clarification never hurts..

Destroy - Acts as an override for the settings on the Advanced page regarding CDs/DoTs. All enemies will be treated as boss level, with the rotation aiming for max DPS. Not always ideal on weak mobs.
Opener, Type - Opener determines if the opener is used, Type is the specific rotation.
Aether Hold - Disables the usage of Bane, Energy Drain, Fester, PainFlare to preserve Aetherflow stacks.

Some Toggles have info displayed if hovered over


Issues/requests should be submitted via:

Discord @ in the #acr-general channel or via direct message.
Servantes thread in the FFXIVMINION > Store Addons forum section. (Slower responses)

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