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Shortcut Manager

The Shortcut Manager allows you to freely create and customize the Shortcuts in the Bot.

You can access it through the main MMOMinion Button:

Key Binds: Binding Functions to Keyboard Shortcuts.
Button Bind: Binding Functions to Image-Buttons.
User Functions: Create LUA code, which can then be executed by a Button or Key-shortcut.

You can also add your own functions by 'code' to the shortcut manager:

	name = "userVisableName"
	func = "theFunction" -- theFunction(boolean state), gets called with a boolean state(true/false) argument.
	toggle = true -- OPTIONAL: default to true if "toggle" AND "trigger" are both nil/false, if "trigger" is true and "toggle" is nil/false it defaults to false. Can this function be toggled boolean. press>release>ON>press>release>OFF
	trigger = false -- OPTIONAL: default to false. Can this function be triggered. press>ON>release>OFF
	icon = path/to/icon.png -- OPTIONAL: supply a default(exclusive) icon for this function. This icon will be used for the "onscreen" button. (this icon cant be chosen by other functions)
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